Fall Planting: Celebrity Gardens

From acres of daffodils to 'Bull's Blood' beets, find out what garden royalty from P. Allen Smith to Jamie Durie are planning for their fall gardens.

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Check Out Jamie Durie's Garden

HGTV's Outdoor Room host Jamie Durie is planting plenty of colorful fall bulbs in his garden.

'Brown Turkey' Figs

Durie is planting 'Brown Turkey' figs and likes them for their versatility. He uses them in sweet and savory dishes and pairs them with everything from ice cream to lamb.

HGTV Going Yard Host Chris Lambton

HGTV star Chris Lambton likes to add color to his fall garden with burning bush, sedum and Shasta daisy.


Consider sedum, which Chris Lambton is planting this fall, for seasonal color in the garden. Many sedum varieties such as 'Purple Emperor', Sedum sieboldii and 'Dragon's Blood' feature dramatic foliage.

Shasty Daisy

The Shasta daisy, which Chris Lambton is featuring in his fall garden, has a long blooming period and offers a delightful burst of color in the garden.

Collard Greens

Chris Lambton plants collard greens in his fall garden for his Southern sweetheart, Peyton.

P. Allen Smith

Lifestyle expert and gardener P. Allen Smith is planting plenty of edibles and daffodils in his fall garden.

P. Allen Smith Loves Daffodils

Smith has planted more than 280,000 daffodil bulbs in his Arkansas garden. His favorite variety is 'Ice Follies'.


Smith is planting 'Top Hat' blueberries this fall. These compact berries are perfect for small spaces and containers.

Sunset Magazine Editor Kathy Brenzel

Gardening pro Kathy Brenzel likes to plant shrubs, trees, perennials, spring bulbs and more in the milder fall climates out west. To contend with arid conditions, she's planting water-wise plants.

Euphorbia Characias Wulfenii

Kathy Brenzel likes the sassy chartreuse color of the Mediterranean perennial Euphorbia characias wulfenii.

Smoke Bush

Smoke bush is another of Brenzel's fall favorites and features dramatic puffs of "smoke" that come from fading flowers.

Butterhead Lettuces

Kathy Brenzel is planting plenty of butterhead lettuces in her fall garden including 'Merveille des Quatre Saisons' and 'Speckles'.


Brenzel likes the peppery jolt of arugula in her salads and is planting this Mediterranean native in low bowls on her patio.

Bok Choy

Nutritious, low-calorie bok choy is a common addition to stir-fries and hearty soups in Brenzel's kitchen.

Author Jeanne Nolan

From the Ground Up author Jeanne Nolan is featuring heirloom vegetable varieties in her fall garden.

French Breakfast Radishes

Though these French Breakfast radishes are considered gourmet, Nolan says they are actually easy to grow. She is also planting 'Napoli' carrots, tatsoi, 'Encore Mix' lettuces and 'Hakurei' turnips in her fall garden.

Garden Writer Margaret Roach

A Way to Garden blogger Margaret Roach is featuring gold perennials like 'Sun King' and 'Golden Angel', aka Japanese shrub mint, in her fall garden.


Margaret Roach likes 'German Extra Hardy' garlic and will plant 75 heads in October. She thinks the scapes are especially delicious.

Landscape Architect Ghada Dergham

With so many projects in Florida and the Caribbean, landscape architect Ghada Dergham is favoring vegetables and herbs, which do well when planted in the fall.

Moroccan Mint

Dergham is planting mint, rosemary, Mexican tarragon, cardamom, thyme and basil in her fall garden. Keep in mind that mint has a tendency to spread and does well when contained in pots.


In addition to planting plenty of herbs like rosemary, Dergham is planting collard greens, cabbage, dandelion greens, lettuce, broccoli, hot peppers, heirloom tomatoes and eggplant in her fall garden.

Wax Begonia

Ghada Dergham is featuring this colorful annual in her fall garden.


Dergham is bringing color to her garden with petunias, scarlet sage, New Guinea impatiens and a white border of alyssum.


Ghada Dergham likes bright bloomers like hibiscus in her tropical Florida garden.


The bright colors of azalea will bring vibrancy to Dergham's Florida garden.

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