Dianthus Shines Bright

A plucky perennial with lovely blue-green foliage.
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Dianthus Gratianopolitanus Used in Rock Gardens

Dianthus gratianopolitanus is a mat-forming perennial that explodes into numerous scented rose-pink flowers from May to July. These brightly colored flowers are backdropped by tufted mounds of grassy, gray-green foliage.

Dianthus 'Becky Robinson' Double Pink Blooms

Dianthus 'Becky Robinson' bears pretty semi double flowers on this compact perennial plant. It features clear pink blooms bordered with deep red. Cut or deadhead them to prompt repeat flowering.

Dianthus 'Bovey Belle' Double Clove Scented Blooms

A modern Pink, Dianthus ‘Bovey Belle’ displays bright, deep pink, double flowers from summer to fall above its slender gray-green foliage. This Pink has a deliciously clove fragrance and makes a perfect plant for cutting.

'Pikes Pink' Dianthus Fragrant Double Pink Flowers

The small, abundant flowers of ‘Pike’s Pink’ are double, pink, and sweetly fragrant and appear in summer. This evergreen perennial forms a compact mound of gray-green foliage. Bees and birds find this Dianthus very attractive.

'Little Jock' Dianthus

'Little Jock' is one of many pinks that bear long-lasting, sometimes scented flowers all through summer.

Alpine Pink

Dianthus alpinus (Alpine pink) bears clusters of serrated single blooms in pink to dark crimson that sit just off the ground in summer. This cushion forming species is short lived, but easy to grow from seed. Requires full sun and drainage.

Dianthus and Terra Cotta Make Perfect Partners

Dianthus, or pinks, is a stunning, wide spreading plant with grassy, blue green foliage and pink flowers. Use it in a container garden for a splash of cool color. Its flowers are pink and have a spicy, clove like scent.

Dianthus Barbatus Offers Robust Blooms

With its red, white or pink blooms Dianthus barbatus, also known as sweet William attracts butterflies and hummingbirds and brings bright color to your garden.

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