26 Garden Trends

Spring trials are a chance for plant companies to show off new plant introductions. Find out what's new.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Darwin Perennials

Photo By: Image courtesy of Darwin Perennials

Photo By: Photo by Felicia Feaster

'New Day Rose Stripe' Gazania

Bold color makes gazania 'New Day Rose Stripe' a great choice for any garden.

'L.A. Dreamin' Hydrangea

The lush blooms of hydrangea 'L.A. Dreamin' allow myriad shades of pink and blue to coexist on the same plant, whether you adjust the alkalinity of the soil or not.

'Golden Spring' Alyssum

Watch your nursery shelves in 2015 for Alyssum wulfenianum 'Golden Spring' from Darwin Perennials and hardy in zones 4-9.

'White Anouk' Lavandula Stoechas

Hardy in zones 6-10, this beautiful lavender, 'White Anouk', is already a hit in Europe.

'Blue Eyed Beauty' Osteospermum

A stunning contrast of purple center and yellow petals distinguish this new BallFlora Plant introduction. Osteopermum 'Blue Eyed Beauty' blooms with early spring color and unlike many osteospermum, these blooms stay wide open.

'Foxlight Ruby Glow' Digitalis

The 2015 introduction 'Foxlight Ruby Glow' digitalis from Darwin Perennials boasts beautiful cut flower potential and is a foxglove well suited to container gardens.

'Marquee Box Office Bronze' Coleus

Intense, rich color on 'Marquee Box Office Bronze' distinguishes this new-for-2015 coleus introduction from Burpee.

'Endless Summer Mixture' Lettuce

New lettuce combinations from PanAmerican Seed are tailor-made for containers, heat-tolerant and grow quickly. Even better, they allow small-space gardeners to grow curated salad mixes like 'Endless Summer Mixture' from one combination pellet.

'Suncatcher Plum Blast' Petunia

A new trailing petunia introduction from BallFlora Plants, the 'Suncatcher Plum Blast' petunia boasts obvious intense color, is fast-growing and early-flowering.

'Minifamous Double Purple' Calibrachoa

A 2015 calibrachoa introduction from Selecta, the profuse blooms on 'Minifamous Double Purple' speak to a customer desire for lush, rose-like blooms on plants without the rose-like high-maintenance.

'Carnival Candy Apple' Heuchera

'Carnival Candy Apple' is a heat-tolerant hybrid coral bell with a mounding habit that works well in a shade container.

'Heirloom Marriage Perfect Flame' Tomato

A mix of favorite heirloom varieties, 'Heirloom Marriage Perfect Flame' is a newbie tomato variety from PanAmerican Seed.

'Carnival Black Olive'

This high-impact, richly hued heuchera hybrid. 'Carnival Black Olive', works well in containers and in shadier garden spaces.

'Blue Marvel' Salvia

Hardy in zones 4-9, 'Blue Marvel' salvia, from Darwin Perennials, is all about high-impact color and profuse blooms.

'Cheers Mighty Mauve' Erysimum linifolium

'Cheers Mighty Mauve' erysimum is a vibrant, continuously blooming perennial with great heat tolerance. Along with 'Cheers Lemon Yellow' these plants perform well in zones 6-10.

'Starship Scarlet' Lobelia

Intense color distinguishes this new lobelia variety, 'Starship Scarlet', hardy in zones 6-10.

'Little Janie' Gaura Lindhemeri

Hardy in zones 6-10, gaura 'Little Janie' boasts delicate white and pink blossoms.

'Frosty Morn' Heuchera

What's not to like about the white and light green leafed Heuchera 'Frosty Morn' with stunning red flowers, hardy in zones 4-9?

Gerbera 'Revolution Orange'

Gerbera 'Revolution Orange' would make a striking addition to any indoor or outdoor container with its punchy orange petals.

'Patio Baby' Eggplant

What's hot in containers in 2014 and into 2015? Edibles, and they're not just for gardeners with sprawling backyard gardens anymore. Varieties like 'Patio Baby' eggplant are part of a new trend in mini-edibles that work beautifully in containers.

'Red Shades Cannova' Canna

Hot color and bright blooms define the exotic 'Red Shades Cannova' canna from Ball Plants.

'Lime Sprite' Coleus

'Lime Sprite' coleus from PanAmerican Seed.

'Devi' Dahlia

Selecta's 'Dalaya Devi' dahlia.

'Dash Crimson' Dianthus

'Dash Crimson' dianthus from PanAmerican Seeds.

'Indigo Ruby' Tomato

Easy to grow in containers, exotic varieties of edibles like these 'Indigo Ruby' tomatoes are trending in 2015 as more and more millennials embrace container gardening.

'Snapshot Sunset' Snapdragon

Loads of varied colors define this 'Snapshot Sunset' snapdragon from PanAmerican Seeds.

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