2016 Plants Sneak Preview

Want to know what garden stores will be stocking this year? Check out this hot-off-the-presses gallery of 59 Ball Horticultural new introductions that debuted at this year's California Spring Trials.

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'Dreamtime' Jumbo Rose Bracteantha

BallFlora Plant introduces the stunning color contrast of yellow and pink in this bracteantha.

'Serenity Spring Day' Osteospermum

A lovely pink blush distinguishes new for 2016 'Serenity Spring Day' osteospermum from BallFlora Plant.

Hot to Trot Coleus

Intense color distinguishes the Flame Thrower 'Spiced Curry' coleus from BallFlora Plant.

Hot to Trot

Bold colors were a theme at this year's Spring Trials, as seen by this new 'Crested Hot Pink' shade of argyranthemum from BallFlora Plant.

Space Oddity

How cool is this 'Night Sky' petunia, previewed by Selecta at the 2015 Spring Trials in California, but not available to consumers until 2017.

Double Trouble

Plant experts agree more and more people are looking for rose-like flowers without the high-maintenance reputation of roses. Fiesta 'Stardust Purple' double impatiens from BallFlora Plant certainly fit the lush blossom bill.

'Starlet Beauty' Rose

The pretty in pink 'Starlet Beauty' rose from Ball Ornamentals is a climbing rose with a difference, offering reblooming lush, English-style old roses with continuous color and fragrance.

Valiant Vinca

Valiant 'Apricot' vinca from PanAmerican Seed has big flowers for more impact.

Purple Beauty

Osteospermum 'Violet ice' is from the 4D Selecta line and features double blossoms and flowers that stay open.

'Glamour' Girl

'Glamour' euphorbia from PanAmerican Seed is a vigorous grower and the first landscape euphorbia from seed.


Rapido blue campanula from KieftSeed is part of the company's line of early-blooming campanula with compact, showy blooms.

Spreading Petunia

The Shock Wave yellow spreading petunia delivers a lot of flower power to your garden and is great for baskets.

Revolutionary Gerbera

Revolution Bicolor Yellow Orange gerbera from KieftSeed blooms earlier than other gerbera cultivars and boasts incredible color making these plants great for indoor color and gift-giving.

Lavender Love

Bandera purple lavender from Kieft Seed is the perfect fragrant hostess gift when potted up for gift-giving.

'Pink Passion' Petunia

This new for 2016 Easy Wave 'Pink Passion' petunia from PanAmerican Seed is a low maintenance petunia for home gardens.

Silver Petunia

Easy Wave 'Silver' petunia from PanAmerican Seed is a more vigorous, no-fuss petunia than petunias past.

Rose-Colored Gerbera

Revolution 'Bicolor Rose Shades' gerbera from KieftSeed is a stunning pot gerbera. Plant companies are emphasizing potted plants and flowers in place of cut flowers for gift-giving, or to add a dash of color to interiors.

'Plum Vein' Petunia

Easy Wave 'Plum Vein' Petunia from PanAmerican Seed.

'Red Velour' Petunia

Tidal Wave 'Red Velour' petunia from PanAmerican Seed.

Mega-Major Gerbera

Mega Revolution 'Salmon Pink Dark Eye' gerbera from KieftSeed boasts lovely uniform color.

Bright Eyes

Revolution 'Bright Rose Light Eye' gerbera from KieftSeed would brighten up any indoor space.

Punchy Purple Pansy

Spring Matrix 'Purple White' pansy from PanAmerican Seed is built to last longer in the garden and boasts large flowers.

'Primrose' Pansy

Spring Matrix 'Primrose' pansy from PanAmerican Seed.

'Solar Flare' Pansy

Matrix 'Solar Flare' pansy from PanAmerican Seed is a great pansy for longer days and warmer growing and shows more red in low temperatures and more yellow in the heat.


Matrix 'Beaconsfield' pansy is new for 2016 from PanAmerican Seed has the largest flowers of any Beaconsfield.

'Salmon' Petunia

The Sun Spun 'Salmon' petunia from BallFlora Plant is ideal for small pots.

'Phantom' Viola

PanAmerican Seed's Sorbet line 'Phantom' viola.

'Isabella' Trifolium

A 2016 entry in the Limerick line of Ball clover is pretty 'Isabella' has a trailing habit that makes it a great container "spiller."

'Vining Red' Dipladenia

In the Summer Romance Ball line, 'Vining Red' Dipladenia delivers intense color and spring to frost endurance with a vining habit.

'Dark Purple' Celosia

Intenz is the proper description, for this rich 'Dark Purple' celosia from Ball.

'Lime' Ipomoea

SolarPower 'Lime' ipomoea from BallFlora Plant boasts lovely chartreuse color, is compact and works well in containers.

'Black' Ipomoea

Gorgeous dark leaves distinguish this SolarPower 'Black' ipomoea from BallFlora Plant and boast the kind of compact growth-habit that makes these ideal for containers.

'Red' Ipomoea

Stunning 'Red' SolarPower ipomoea from BallFlora Plant.

'Orchid Pink' Angelonia

Pretty 'Orchid Pink' angelonia from BallFlora Plant's Archangel line is drought-tolerant, deer and rabbit resistant and heat tolerant.

'Chilipepper' Coleus

From the BallFlora Plant FlameThrower line, spicy 'Chilipepper' coleus, is compact and great for use as a houseplant indoors.

'Purple Magic' Verbena

From the Aztec Magic BallFlora Plant line, 'Purple Magic' verbena thrives in heat and sun.

'Orchid Magic' Verbena

'Orchid Magic' verbena from BallFlora Plant.

'Magenta Magic'

'Magenta Magic' verbena from BallFlora Plant.

'Red and Yellow Eye' Dahlia

Stunning yellow and red color define this Selecta dahlia. Stunning yellow and red color define this Selecta dahlia. This unique line of new dahlias boast great bicolor shades and better performance.

Red and White Dahlia

'Red and White' dahlia from Selecta.

Yellow Dahlia

A fresh new yellow dahlia for 2016 from Selecta.

'Apricot Sorbet' Petunia

Colorful 'Apricot Sorbet' petunia, new for 2016 from Selecta.

'Berry Sorbet' Petunia

'Berry Sorbet' petunia from Selecta will be new to garden centers in 2016.

'Magenta' Petunia

The vividly-hued 'Magenta' petunia is coming from Selecta in 2016.

'Carmine Star' Petunia

'Carmine Star' petunia from Selecta.

New Calibrachoa

'Double Compact Pink' calibrachoa from Selecta excels in small baskets and containers.

Top of the Pops

Pops Pink verbena from Selecta is part of a trend for new, more vibrant bicolor verbena with better powdery mildew-resistance.

Violet Verbena

Selecta's 2016 'Dark Violet' verbena.

Glamorous Verbena

Dark red verbena from Selecta.

White Verbena

White 16 verbena from Selecta.

Tropical Punch

'Mango Orange' verbena.

Rich Color

Dark pink verbena hits store shelves in 2016, from Selecta.

Dark Violet and White Osteospermum

Gorgeous, complex color distinguishes the 4D series of osterospermum from Selecta.

Home Improvement

'Violet Improved' argyranthemum from BallFlora Plant.

Blue Crush

Deep blue scabiosa from Darwin Perennials features larger blooms and richer color.


Darwin Perennials likely had baby boomers on their minds when they named their Song Siren flowers after popular rock classics like this 'Angie' achillea.


'Iridescent Bells' campanula x hybrida from Darwin Perennials blooms all summer long.

Super Geranium

Presto Dark Red Improved Geraniums from BallFlora Plant deliver a color intensity not found in other red geraniums.

Darling Dianthus

Everlast Red and Pink dianthus from Selecta is heat-tolerant and long-flowering.

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