2016 Garden Trends

Find out the 17 biggest trends in plants, flowers and edibles from the trend-spotting Ball Horticultural Spring Trials.
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Photo By: Image courtesy of Burpee

Photo By: Image courtesy of Burpee

Neon Shades

Gardeners want to wow their neighbors and make their gardens pops, so hyper-vivid flowers will be big in 2016, as with these Revolution 'Bright Rose Light Eye' gerbera from KieftSeed.

Soft, Heirloom Hues

Along with the trend for super-bright colors, many plant companies are also featuring delicate blush tones and shades that conjure up earlier garden eras, as in the lovely 'Apricot Sorbet' petunia, new for 2016.

Potted Plants for Gift-Giving

Instead of cut flowers, plant companies are encouraging longer-lasting potted plants to add gorgeous color to an inside or outdoor space, like this pretty 'Pink Kisses' pot carnation, sure to be a 2016 Valentine's Day favorite.

Fragrance Rules!

Taking a cue from English rose-growers, companies are recognizing the added appeal of a lush, English-rose look as seen in the climbing 'Starlet Beauty' rose, combined with intoxicating fragrance.


Growers are looking to deliver on customer desire for plants with greater heat tolerance like these PanAmerican Seeds Hot Pak 'Harmony' French marigolds which stand up better to high heat conditions  which can turn other varieties leggy and green and were bred for even the intense heat of Florida.

Foodie-Centric Growing

Plant companies like Burpee are ultra-responsive to foodie trends and the number of growers interested in cutting-edge, food-forward edibles. To that end, Burpee has developed a flavorful, slow-to-bolt celery with beautiful pink-red stalks perfect for home gardens and a great addition to salads or bloody Marys. Or as Burpee representative Scott Mozingo quips about this toothsome celery, "my drinking problem is celery takes up too much room in my drink."

Tip to Tail Eating

Tip to tail eating in the edible garden is where it's at and this foodie-centric 'Masterpiece' pea has parsley-like tendrils full of delicious, fresh pea flavor as well as edible peas and pods, making is perfect for smaller-space gardens. Reserve some space in your 2016 edible patio containers and window boxes for these delicious new peas from Burpee.

Pinch-Free Petunia

With the new varieties of vigorous Wave spreading petunias, the growing season can be extended with bold color, as seen in varieties like the 'Red Velour' petunia. Petunias will be front and center in 2016 for their impact as landscaping bedding plants.

Outdoor Plants Indoors

As the obsession with container gardening continues to grow, plant companies like Ball Ornamentals are encouraging consumers to bring all of the plants they love outdoors, inside like this Bandera purple lavender. No matter how small a growing space you have, container plants continue to be a great solution for limited outdoor patio space and for indoor growing. Even better when it comes to gift-giving, Bandera purple lavender is a fragrant option to consider in place of the usual cut flowers.

Bicolor Is Big

The Revolution bicolor daisies like this rose shade are meant to appeal to younger, design-forward consumers who like a lot of visual, graphic impact and as "gateway to gardening" plants to lure millennials to try their hand at gardening.

Celosia for Fall

Try mixing the vibrant new varieties of celosia like 'Lipstick" whose color doesn't fade with age, in with fall flowers like mums and asters, a hot new trend for 2016 to bring interest to the fall garden.

Year-Round Gardening

"People are starting to garden, or at least decorate year round" with plants says BallFlora Plant rep Kristopher Carlsson and the new intensely-colored varieties of coleus like this 'Spiced Curry' from the Flame Thrower line are ideal year-round plants made to work in smaller indoor containers.

Compact Potato Vine

To meet the needs of container-centric consumers, potato vine in unusual dark shades are being bred to work in smaller spaces, as with this 'Black' ipomoea.

Rose Substitutes

Plant companies are creating lush flowers to offer consumers rose-like blooms without all of the work. These 'Stardust Purple' impatiens have double the flower power of ordinary impatiens and are far easier to grow than roses.

Bigger Is Better

The public has spoken and plant companies have responded: bigger blooms are in demand as in this new for 2016 'Double Compact Pink' calibrachoa.

Edibles Are (Still) Huge

With the increasing—and related—popularity of the home gardening and the foodie worlds, plant companies are realizing that edibles rule and are a great way to capture millennial interest in gardening.

Vertical Interest

Gardeners are interested in capitalizing on the vertical trend with spiky flowers that deliver whimsy in the garden. This perennial scabiosa from Darwin Perennials fits the bill.

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