13 Perfume-Inspired Plants for Bouquets and Centerpieces

These flowers, herbs, fruits and leaves will fill your garden and home with fragrance.

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White Rose

'Madame Hardy' is a vigorous Damask rose with dark green leaves. Its white blossoms' sweet notes pair well with pine, sage and ginger.

Japanese Angelica

Japanese angelica sports large, flat branches of green leaves with white margins. White flowers followed by black fruits appear from late summer. The plant adds color variation and a woodsy fragrance to bouquets.

Lemon Balm

This bright, yellow-green plant doesn't smell like lemons, but pairs well with citrus fruit, flowers and herbs in a bouquet or centerpiece.

Star Jasmine

Star jasmine is a woody evergreen that needs a sunny, sheltered wall. Pure white, scented flowers arrive in mid- to late summer.

Tricolor Sage

'Tricolor' is an attractive form of common sage that looks and tastes good, with cream, green and pink, variegated leaves. It needs winter protection. In a bouquet or centerpiece, its scent pairs well with flowers and other herbs.


Its namesake purple petals are powerfully perfumed with a distinctly sweet, calming scent. Lavender's cool color livens up bouquets and leaves a lingering impression.


Mentha spicata is a native to the Mediterranean, commonly known as spearmint. Grown in containers, the smell of its leaves makes a great accent for roses and lavender in a bouquet.


A heated greenhouse or a cool sunroom is the perfect spot for a potted lime tree. Limes add greenery and fragrance to any bouquet; couple them with roses for a classic scent mixture in a centerpiece.


Although not as strong as the scent of roses or lavender, chamomile brings delicacy and diversity to summer bouquets.


Sweet basil is primarily cultivated for use as a spice in cooking, but it blends well in floral bouquets, too. Its supple, fragile leaves give off a light scent that complements sharp citrus notes.

Perennial Ginger Produces Perfumed Flowers

Hedychium densiflorum, perennial ginger, is an exotic ginger with soft, orange, fragrant flowers at the end of summer. Add it to bouquets for a unique look and extra floral zest.

Swiss Mountain Pine

Mugo pine, or Swiss mountain pine, is a shrub or small, round pyramidal plant that grows best in sun or partial shade. Its dark green, stiff needles are durable and fragrant, making them an easy add-on to a bouquet or centerpiece.


All citrus fruits add tang to bouquets, but tangerine slices are dainty, sweet and pair perfectly with pine and jasmine in a centerpiece.

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