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The 10 Safest Countries in the World

Find out which countries are considered the most peaceful according to the latest Global Peace Index list.

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Photo: Tourism Nova Scotia @skywatchercanada


The Institute for Economics and Peace produces its Global Peace Index, ranking the world's countries from most to least peaceful based on a number of key factors. Their findings concluded that overall global peacefulness has declined, and that eight of the 10 most peaceful countries are in Europe. Read on to learn which country has secured the top spot for peace and safety.

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Photo: ©Destination Toronto, Canada

10. Canada

Canada is the only North American country to crack the GPI's top 10 list this year, although it dropped three spots from last year. But this vast country offers something for every traveler, spanning a French-speaking region in the East, world-class cities, a frozen tundra where polar bears roam, fishing villages that evoke another era, destination skiing and pristine national parks.

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Photo: ©Czech Tourism/Libor Svacek

9. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is best known to many Western travelers for Prague, but this small country offers so much more. The Czech Republic dropped a spot in its ranking but remains one of the world’s most peaceful countries for exploring. You’ll find UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Český Krumlov, a small Bohemian village dating back to the 13th century; destination spa towns that take advantage of natural hot springs; hundreds of castles; and a strong beer culture — this is the home of Pilsner beer, after all.

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Photo: ©Tourism Ireland

8. Ireland

Ireland has moved into the top 10 of most peaceful countries, bumping Singapore off the list. Home to about 6 million people, the Emerald Isle is beloved for its iconic cliff walks, vibrant cities, abundance of castles (numbering in the thousands) and Guinness beer. Game of Thrones also filmed throughout Northern Ireland, and as luck would have it, Ireland is very road-trip friendly.

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