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Airstream Campers We Can't Get Enough Of

There are campers, and then there are Airstreams. From permanent property installments offering a creative guest house experience to road-worthy rollers with serious campsite cool factor, here are some of our favorite Airstream campers.

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Photo: Shelby Bella Photography. From: Kim Lewis Designs .

An Ode to All Things Airstream

Few things are as classic Americana as an Airstream. While other campers and RVs have attempted to be as trendy yet timeless, Airstream campers take the cake. Really — it can be hard for the untrained eye to tell a vintage Airstream from a new one because the design has changed so little.

Maybe that's why remodeling and customizing Aistreams has become so popular. Whether you take it back to original or put your spin on it, it's hard to cramp an Airstream's style. Here are some of our favorite Airstream photos.

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Photo: Robin Cain Photography

Airstream Bridal Suite

Airstream trailers are the ultimate way to see the sights from coast to coast, but they don't have to be road-worthy to be a worthwhile investment — as long as you can get it to its final destination, the design possibilities are endless. Here, a vintage Airstream serves as a bridal suite surrounded by gorgeous landscape appointments.

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Photo: Aubrie Pick

Like a Rolling Mirror

While other campers and RVs boast cheesy graphics and dingy white exteriors, Airstream distinguishes itself with its shiny aluminum shell, reflecting its surroundings rather than stealing the attention from the natural beauty.

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Photo: Rustic White Photography

1974 Argosy Trailer-Turned-Guest-Suite

Not all Airstreams are shiny. While not the sleek aluminum trailer many people envision when they hear "Airstream," the Argosy camper has its own share of vintage appeal, starting with its painted shell. Designer and entrepreneur David Kowalski transformed this 1974 Argosy camper into a cozy, comfortable guest suite.

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