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These Could Be the 12 Weirdest Hotels in the World

Have you always wanted to stay in an Airstream or a yurt? Opt for unconventional lodging around the world during your next trip, from cliff-hugging capsules in Peru to eco-friendly pods in Switzerland.

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Photo: Skylodge Adventure Suites

Skylodge Adventure Suites, Peru

The three see-through capsules clinging to the side of a mountain in Cuzco, Peru, are considered the first of their kind in the world, and judging by the logistics, it’s easy to understand why. Just reaching Skylodge Adventure Suites is more than half of the adventure, and involves some arduous climbing straight up the 1,200-foot mountain overlooking the Sacred Valley. (Consider it a good way to conquer that fear of heights.) Your efforts are rewarded with a multi-course meal (including wine) that’s prepared by guides and served in a separate dining capsule. Afterward, settle into your own surprisingly comfortable suite, which somehow contains a large bed and separate bathroom (alas, no shower). Fall asleep while contemplating the Milky Way, unsullied by light pollution. Following a hearty breakfast, feel like James Bond as you zipline back to terra firma. Plan ahead, since the capsules book months in advance.

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Photo: The Grand Daddy

The Grand Daddy, South Africa

It’s not every day you can stay in an Airstream (a vintage aluminum trailer), let alone ones that are parked on a hotel rooftop. But you can do just that in Cape Town at The Grand Daddy, where seven individually themed Airstreams await. Themes reflect iconic South African places and eras; examples include vineyards, the Karoo desert, the Gold Rush and, of course, a luxury safari. Meanwhile, inside each cozy trailer you’ll find all the creature comforts: a full bathroom, queen-size bed, TV and air-conditioning. And just because you’re on the roof doesn’t mean you’re missing out on all the fun. Thanks to a rooftop cinema and bar, you’ll only need to venture downstairs for meals.

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Photo: Tiny Digs Hotel

Tiny Digs Hotel, OR

Portland is often associated with the hit show Portlandia, coffee, and now, tiny houses. Find some of the best tiny house lodging at Tiny Digs Hotel, seven individually themed houses in East Portland. (The owners plan to add five more.) Commonalities involve a deck, bathroom, kitchen, queen-size bed with high-end bedding and air-conditioning. A number are even pet-friendly. Beyond that, each tiny dig artfully reflects its theme: Train, Barn, Beach, Gypsy, Modern, Cabin and Bamboo. All are worth writing about, but of note is the sophisticated Bamboo (pictured), as it draws inspiration from Asia with its Tansu stairs, Japanese wood-staining technique, and yes, plenty of bamboo. Modern is another standout as it perfectly embodies the concept with a floating living room, transparent acrylic wall and LED bath faucet.

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Photo: Whitepod

Whitepod, Switzerland

If not for the decks, it’s unlikely you’d spot this pod cluster from a distance, since they were designed to blend into the Swiss Alps scenery (white in winter, green in summer). At a minimum, the 15 eco-spheres at Whitepod are each heated by a pellet stove, and contain a full bathroom and king-size bed. Deluxe pods are also equipped with satellite TV, Wi-Fi, a minbar and Nespresso coffee maker. Don’t want to leave? Have breakfast and a massage in your deluxe pod too. New this winter are three pod suites, which are like deluxe pods on steroids. Besides being bigger and offering more bonuses, from champagne to iPads with Netflix, each features a different theme: traditional Swiss (cow bells, chalet feel); forest (actual birch trees inside, plus a hammock); and James Bond (Bond décor, gin-stocked bar). However, the best part may be that each suite also houses a sauna.

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