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How to Get the Best Bang for Your Real Estate Buck

March 16, 2018

Whether you want to make smart upgrades in your home for yourself or are planning to put your home on the market, we'll take you through which improvements will add to your bottom line and net the biggest return on your investment.

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Kitchen Appliances

Whether you're putting your home on the market in the near future or looking to make updates that will have a lasting financial impact, the kitchen is the number one spot to reap in resale dollars. If a full-scale renovation isn't in your budget, updating appliances could be your first step. Buyers can spot an outdated refrigerator and stove at first sight. Swapping them out for new ones is fairly low cost compared to the return.

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Kitchen Counters + Cabinets

If you've updated older appliances in the past five years or so, consider the next step upgrading countertops and cabinets. Higher-end countertops are almost a must-have now for most buyers. If granite or marble isn't in your budget, there are some great look-alike alternatives on the market. Full cabinet replacements can get pricey, but a lower cost option is replacing the fronts for a fresh look. It will help your kitchen look new, which is ultimately what most buyers want.

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Bathroom Fixtures

Bathrooms are the next hot-spot for money-making improvements. A really low-cost update, that can be done in less than a weekend, is swapping out fixtures. Because they take so much abuse, replacing faucets in the tub and sink, lighting and curtain rods will give your bathroom a freshened-up look.

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Photo: Brandon Beechler. From: Blackband Design.

Showers, Tubs and Toilets

If you've got the budget for a mid-scale bathroom renovation, a new tile shower with frameless doors, reglazed vintage bathtubs and brand new toilets will guarantee a higher sale price for your home. How high-end you choose to go is up to you, but the spendier the feature, the more you will get in return. But be sure to balance what would be appropriate for the rest of your home with the amount you plan on spending.

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