Wrap Holiday Gifts Like a Pro

Elaborate gift wrap can be just as good as the gift inside sometimes. Impress your loved ones even if you have less than stellar skills.
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Mod Color Blocking

Go for modern and chic with color gradient boxes. Use a variety of wrapping paper and ribbons in different hues of the same color to create this stylish effect.

Confetti Wrapping

Create a cool effect by floating metallic confetti between two layers of wrapping paper. First, wrap the gift in solid white paper. Next, wrap the gift in a layer of clear cellophane leaving one side open. Put confetti between the cellophane and wrapping paper layers. Close the open side with tape. You can try this technique with a variety of colors for any special occasion.

Mix Metallics

Classic yet chic, different shades of metallic work well for a designer look. Play with different types of ribbons, such as garland and glitter- and sheer-wired ribbons, to create visual appeal. If you're grouping gifts together, use a variety of metallics like gold, silver, copper and bronze. 

Stick With One Color

Go ahead — wrap all your gifts in your favorite color. But to add visual appeal to your gifts, pick patterned wrapping paper. Group similar gifts together by tying more than one gift with the same piece of flat, solid-colored ribbon. 

Flowing Ribbons

The trick to making your ribbons look professional is double stick tape. After you tie a bow around your gift with wide satin ribbon, use double-stick tape to attach the long ends of the ribbon to the box for a flowing look. The ribbon will look like it’s permanently flowing instead of falling flat.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Traditional wax seals signify the recipient of a lovely gift. Use kraft paper to wrap your gift, and tie twine in both directions. Drip melted wax on top of the twine and press with a metal wax seal stamp with the first initial of the recipient.

Woven Paper

This gift wrap technique is an inexpensive way to jazz up a simple gift using colored card stock that you have on hand. To make, cut 1/4" strips of card stock in white, black, red, dark green and light green. Lay 20 strips right next to each other on a table. Tape down one end of the strips. Using 20 more strips, weave each strip under and over the taped strips. Continue until you've created a pretty woven pattern. Wrap the ends of the woven paper piece around a gift box wrapped in white paper, and secure with tape on the back.

Washi Tape Gift Boxes

You don't need any wrapping paper for this cute gift wrap idea. Place gifts in plain white boxes, and decorate with patterned washi tape. 

Stick With a Theme

Give the gift wrap as part of the gift! Tie a vintage Christmas cookie cutter using gold ribbon to the gift box. Stick with the theme by gifting a cookie recipe book, festive sprinkles and a rolling pin.

Customized Wrapping Paper

You can wrap gifts with customized paper without the high cost! Surprise the gift recipient by using paper with their name on it. Use a text editing software, like Photoshop or Word, and type out their name to create a pattern. Print on 8.5x11" computer paper. Wrap your gift, and top with a whimsical honeycomb. This works best for small gifts that can be wrapped with a letter-size paper. 

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