13 Boo-tiful Halloween Makeup Ideas to Pin Right Now

Shop your makeup bag for these last-minute looks.

Still scrolling through Pinterest pages for that perfect last-minute Halloween costume? You’re in luck! We’ve done the searching for you and come up with 13 incredible makeup-only looks you can recreate the day of your monster mash.


Looking for an animal-themed costume that’s a little out of the ordinary? Channel your inner giraffe and try out this cute and flattering look. The makeup is definitely the star of this costume, but you can elevate it to awesome with a light brown tank top and buns.

Copy the Look: Giraffe Halloween Makeup

Galaxy Goddess

Galaxy patterns look great on clothing, coffee cups and even cupcakes. Why wouldn’t they look great on skin, too? The green and blue hues, frosty white eyelashes, and delicate, freckle-like stars in this look are sure to make you feel stellar during your Halloween festivities.

Copy the Look: Galaxy Makeup

Wonder Woman

Want a look that’s clever and timely? Try this Wonder Woman costume that evokes the feel of classic comic books and is created with makeup, even down to the crown. With this look you’re sure be a front-runner in just about any costume contest. 

Copy the Look: Wonder Woman

Sugar Skull Stunner

Day of the Dead-themed makeup is a popular Halloween choice, and it’s clear why! Inspired by the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos, this sugar skull makeup is spooky but also refreshingly whimsical. The bright colors and floral accents add a cheery, party-perfect touch.

Cutie Cat

A cat is a cop-out Halloween costume, right? Wrong! Especially if you add the detail of this feline face. One of the best parts about this meow-velous idea is that it’s cute and creative, without being overdone. Even if your Halloween plans include a cozy night with friends, you won’t be overdressed with this costume.


A little creepy, a little awesome. This Tim Burton-inspired makeup look will turn all the heads this Halloween.

Copy the Look: Beetlejuice Makeup

Ouija Board

This costume wins for both creativity and creepiness, or rather, downright scariness. The ouija board details are perfectly matched with blue-black lipstick and under-eye designs. If there’s one holiday a year that you can pull off this masterpiece, it’s definitely Halloween!

Stranger Things

Dip your toes into the Upside Down this year with an iconic makeup look inspired by one of our favorite spooky TV shows.

A Web of Eyes

Are you more interested in enjoying Halloween night than preparing for it? Here’s the perfect, low-maintenance Halloween eye makeup routine. This spidery option is great, especially if you’re short on time and supplies. Add a bit of glitter to this dramatic eye, and you’re ready for any plans you have Halloween night! 

Copy the Look: Cobweb Eye Makeup

Sparkly Unicorn

This mythical creature-inspired look is slated to be the hottest costume of the year. Worried about looking just like everyone else? Don't! Don your sparkles and rainbow makeup and join your equine tribe for a night of flirty fun.

Copy the Look: Glitter Unicorn

Cracked Porcelain Doll

Can’t decide whether you want to look cute or creepy on Halloween? How about both? With only makeup, transform yourself into a cracked porcelain doll. Get ready for a bunch of compliments and some great selfies if you take on this challenge. 

Spooky Skeleton

White T-Shirt Skeleton Costume

DIY Skeleton Halloween Costume

Turn a simple white T-shirt into a seriously creepy Halloween costume with a pair of scissors and a little imagination.

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

Some white face makeup, black eyeliner and black eyeshadow are all you need to pull off this spine-tingling face. But don't stop there! Make your own skeleton t-shirt withour step-by-step instructions.

Copy the Look: Spooky Skeleton Makeup

Pixel Perfect

Go pretty and pixelated with this mesmerizing look. This idea is perfect if you’re on the hunt for something outside of the box and not-too-scary. Don’t forget to get lots of pictures to immortalize your handiwork!

Copy the Look: Pixelated Makeup

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