15 Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas for Quirky Dads

Does your dad dig things like beer and beard maintenance? We've got the perfect gift list.

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May 29, 2019

Star Wars Light Clapper

Make your father feel like a master of The Force with this "Star Wars" light clapper. After plugging it in, your dad only needs to clap one time to hear Darth Vader declare, "The Force is strong with this one," and again for the iconic line, "You underestimate the power of the Dark Side."

Buy It: Urban Outfitters, $30

Draught Beer Tap System

TBH, we've never met a true hipster dad who didn't enjoy a draught beer. Perfect for those days when he'd rather spend Happy Hour at home, this special beer tap system will create a micro-foam that tastes as good as what he gets at the bar. You can ensure that your gift's a hit by pairing it with his favorite six pack or a new pint glass.

Buy It: Target, $79.99

The Film Lover's Food Guide

If your film-loving father has seen every classic and cult flick out there, then he'll definitely want a copy of "Eat What You Watch." Featuring over 40 recipes from his favorite flicks (we're talking New York-style pastrami from "When Harry Met Sally" and giant pancakes courtesy of "Uncle Buck"), this book will allow him to experience iconic movie moments in a tasty new way.

Buy It: Amazon, $17 (Originally $25)

Atari Console and Controller Set

Um, hello, this Atari gaming console and controller set has Dad's name written all over it. If he played many an arcade game when he was a kid, then he'll be impressed when he sees that this total throwback comes with 120 classic games, plus an SD card slot for even more. It's a blast from the past that he never saw coming, for sure.

Buy It: Urban Outfitters, $80

Collection of Dad Jokes

Here's a gag gift that we know only the King of Corny Jokes will truly appreciate. Filled with 160 "hilarious knee-slappers" and "hokey puns," this book will give him a good chuckle and encourage him to reach his full Dad potential.

Buy It: Paper Source, $9.99

Trophy Husband Sign

While your little ones paint pictures for the World's Greatest Dad, give your guy (and his colleagues) a good laugh with a sign that honors his other title. He'll proudly display the acrylic piece on his desk and get a kick out of showing his peers that he's admired by more than just the kids.

Buy It: Paper Source, $6.95

Herb Garden Starter Kit

For the man who's all about using fresh ingredients in the kitchen, we suggest snagging this herb garden starter kit. Since it's so compact, the gardening gadget will fit neatly on the counter and grow herbs in two to four weeks. Plus, since it has a modular lamp arm and updated LEDs, the kit will work even if his green thumb's not the best.

Buy It: Urban Outfitters, $100

Designer Mug

For design-loving dads, this simple mug is an homage to one of the most ubiquitous fonts in existence: Helvetica. If your guy loves tea or coffee, match this mug with some of his fave bags or even a fancy espresso maker.

Buy It: Amazon, $18.99

Keyboard-Shapped Waffle Iron

For the geek guy who loves a good waffle, we've found the ultimate gift: a keyboard-shaped waffle iron. This is a hilarious take on the traditional waffle iron, and it would be perfect for any dude who just can’t seem to step away from his laptop. Pair it with a gourmet bottle of syrup if you really want to sweeten the delivery.

Buy It: Amazon, $69.90

Color-Changing Showerhead

Dad will definitely feel like the life of the party when he uses this color-changing LED showerhead first thing in the morning. Once it's installed, the device bathes the bathroom in vivid shades of purple and blue. All he needs now is some spa music!

Buy It: Urban Outfitters, $24.95

Wood-Scented Beard Softener

When in doubt, a hipster dad could always use some beard softener. We love this bottle from Beardbrand because it pairs warm cedarwood notes with a subtle layer of sandalwood to give your guy a light, woodsy scent. Better still, the softener is silicone, paraben, and sulfate-free so it won't leave any residue after conditioning.

Buy It: Target, $14.99

Double-Duty Party Plate

If you know a dad who loves to kick back with a cold beer, these party plates may just be the perfect gift. With a center spot for bottles, cans and cups, they'll allow him to hold a drink AND snacks with one hand. If you’re planning a big Father’s Day gathering, these will be great to have around, too.

Buy It: Amazon, $19.99 (Set of 6)

Dad-Documenting Journal

Here's a fun way for a dad to connect with his creative side while also creating something special for the kids. This journal includes a number of easy prompts that will inspire your dude to share some of the highlights, challenges and funny moments of his life so far. A beautiful pen or a set of markers would be a great addition to this.

Buy It: Uncommon Goods, $30

Gourmet Grilled Cheese Set

We guarantee that you'll make your dad's day with this grilled cheese kit. Designed to be used on the grill, the steel basket holds two sandwiches at once and gently presses them down to achieve gooey goodness. What's more, the gift set comes with a recipe book that will inspire your father to get creative.

Buy It: Target, $10.19 (Originally $11.99)

Tool Box-Turned-Refrigerator

Since he spends so much time in the garage, treat your family's favorite handyman to a tool box-shaped refrigerator. Wheel casters allow him to move the piece around the room, while a stainless steel door opens to shelves stocked with cold ones.

Buy It: Amazon, $389