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20 Ideas on How to Decorate Your Entire Home for Christmas

Do you love decorating for Christmas? Try refreshing your home's holiday look by giving each and every room its own distinct seasonal style.

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Photo: David Christensen

Give Your Entire Home a Holiday Spin

Deck the halls and, while you're at it, deck the rest of the house, too. From the front yard to the back deck, we've got Christmas decorating ideas for the entire home. Whether you prefer to keep things minimal yet merry or wish to be immersed in a winter wonderland, there's something for everyone and every room.

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Photo: Kevin J. Miyazaki. From: HGTV Magazine.

Decorate Your Home's Exterior: Create Christmas Curb Appeal

Classy greenery, striking red bows and sleek red lanterns give this 1800s home serious Christmas curb appeal. For best results, choose a Christmas look that complements your home's style. Live in a traditional home? Go with something elegant and timeless. Live in a modern home? Try something sleek and minimal.

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Photo: Brian Patrick Flynn

Decorate Your Mailbox: Turn Your Mailbox Into a Reindeer

Unsure about decorating your mailbox for Christmas? Have fun with it! From the moment guests arrive at your driveway, they'll feel joyous and filled with holiday spirit thanks to this reindeer-themed mailbox makeover.

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Photo: Derek Trimble; Styling by H. Camille Smith. From: H. Camille Smith.

Decorate Your Front Porch: Make a Festive First Impression

Knock, knock! The Christmas season is here. Is your front porch ready? Use your front door and the surrounding space to display some of your favorite Christmassy items. Hang stockings on the door, drape greenery over the doorway, light the walkway with lanterns and lean a classic wooden sled against your home to maximize the holiday vibe.

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