Get Dad a Garden Cart

Want to ease dad's workload? A garden cart or wheelbarrow is the perfect Father's Day gift.

Man Power

Man Power

A classic one-wheel wheelbarrow, this True Temper poly wheelbarrow with Total Control handles means you'll never lose your grip.

Photo by: Image courtesy of Ames

Image courtesy of Ames

A classic one-wheel wheelbarrow, this True Temper poly wheelbarrow with Total Control handles means you'll never lose your grip.

The wheelbarrow has come a long way, baby. If your memories of using one in the garden are of unwieldy, wobbly devices prone to topple when filled to capacity, and often accompanied by back pain from so much stooping, you might be surprised by the new generation of garden helpmates. Today's wheelbarrows are designed with longer, taller handles to keep stooping to a minimum. And garden carts have a low center of gravity and can be far easier to navigate for older gardeners.

HGTV road-tested a variety of carts and wheelbarrows just in time for Father's Day to find one with the features perfect for your dad. Whether he's looking for a way to haul mulch or an industrial strength nursery cart perfect for moving new plants around the garden, we've highlighted some of our favorites. So tell dad to take a load off and reward him for all of his efforts with the latest and greatest in garden tools.

Easy to Maneuver

Ergonomics play a big part in cart and wheelbarrow design and this well-designed Total Control Cart is a cross between a wheelbarrow and a cart. The cart maintains a low center of gravity and makes even heavy loads a breeze with high handles you won't need to reach for. Using this cart is remarkably easy and will make even the most difficult garden chores a pleasure.

Most Beautiful

Is dad a garden dandy who takes as much pride in how his tools look as he does in how they work? Then he might fall head over heels for the lovely, enticing, and hauling-ready Gardener's Supply Cart from Gardener's Supply Company, a real looker available in a variety of colors to match a garden shed or fence, and so close to the kind of carts you might find in retail nurseries that dad will feel like a total pro hauling pots and supplies. Like all great beauties, this one needs delicate handling: it's made of wood and so needs to be kept indoors and should probably not be used to haul anything too wet if you want to keep it looking its best. Looking for the Sofia Vergara of garden carts for dad? Look no further than this gorgeous lass with a strong work ethic to go with her beauty.


Does dad put his wheelbarrow through its paces? Is no load too heavy and no task too impossible to dissuade dad from doing it? Then you'll want to hook pops up with this seemingly indestructible True Temper steel wheelbarrow. Sure to stand the test of time, this True Temper 6 cu model has hauling capacity on top of its durability. The Mack Truck of wheelbarrows, the weight of this garden workhorse may not be ideal for the lady of the house: you'll need a bit of muscle to operate. But if you are looking for a real long-term investment and incredible durability, this could be your guy.

Most Versatile

Like the choice between a sedan or a wagon, if you're not sure if you want a garden cart or a wheelbarrow, then get the best of both worlds with the The Poly-Tough Cart. Some of the great features: a 300 lb. load capacity that won't feel like 300 pounds with this cart's low center of gravity thanks to its center-placed wheels. High handles make navigating this cart delightfully straightforward. And better still: the handles allow the cart to be either pulled or pushed, depending upon how dad likes to roll. The cart features a handle long enough to save your back. Metal "kick stands" make navigating this handy cart easy peasy and heavy loads can be "scooped" up when the cart is tipped, one of the many subtle but important design features in this top-notch cart.

Biggest Haul

Have something epic to move around your yard? Say a pile of bricks that would make even the most resolute soul weep? You're going to need this definitely-up-to-the-task Rubbermaid cart from Home Depot. Beyond sturdy, this tough-as-nails cart has massive hauling capacity in its 7.5 cu bin. Its low profile means even the heaviest loads aren't going to easily topple.

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