Celebrate Mom With a Simple Mother's Day Brunch

Celebrate Mother's Day with a simple and stylish brunch that Mom will love. This casual family gathering is filled with easy, fun ideas that Dad and the kids can create to celebrate Mom.

A Mother's Day Surprise

Greet Mom this Mother's Day morning with easy handmade gifts, a simple-to-prepare brunch and table decor that's easy enough for Dad and the kids to create.

Color Palette Inspiration

Sweet summer melons were the inspiration for the color palette of this Mother's Day brunch. The party's printables, gifts and table decor all coordinate with the vibrant orange, coral and honeydew-hued fruits.

Fun With Dad

With Dad's help, the kids will have a great time making easy, personalized gifts for Mom. Send her out for a manicure, massage or just some "me" time, then get creative.

Chic Finger Paintings

Children of all ages love finger-painting. Here's how they can use the technique to create three thoughtful gifts for Mom.

Finger-Painted Frames

Continue the theme (and the melon color scheme) with this finger-painted picture frame. The kids will have a great time making these one-of-a-kind keepsakes that Mom will love, especially when you finish the gift with a favorite photo.

Fingerprint Table Runner

Let the kids personalize a plain white table runner with colorful fingerprints. Mom can reuse the runner long after the Mother's Day brunch is over.

Wooden Bracelets 3 Ways

These stylish bracelets are so easy to create and will make any mom smile. From fingerprints to polka dots and stripes, the kids can choose their favorite technique and customize a bracelet especially for Mom.

Make It Personal

Add our free printable gift tags to each present for an extra-special touch.

Printable Cards to Customize

Download our free printable Mother's Day ribbon card or our 3-D flower card, then customize them with embellishments and a personalized message for Mom.

Set the Table

You don't have to spend weeks preparing to make the table special for Mom's meal. These simple, colorful accents coordinate with the melon color scheme.

Fragrant Flowers

Stop by the flower section of your local supermarket and pick up flowers that coordinate with the shades of the party, like these beautifully shaped ranunculus and white stock. Tuck the flowers into a white pail or vase, then add a strip of our printable fingerprint pattern around the vessel.

Sweet Ribbon Accents

Simple ribbon bows add color and fun to this Mother's Day table.

Easy-to-Make Napkin Rings

Set each family member's spot with a simple white napkin rolled with an easy-to-make napkin ring. Download, print and cut a strip of the fingerprint pattern long enough to wrap around the napkin. Fasten on the bottom with a piece of tape. Layer a length of coordinating ribbon on top of the paper, then add a simple bow to add dimension to the napkin ring.

The Food

Make-ahead foods become event-worthy when presented with color-coordinated ribbons and card-stock food labels. Print our free food label templates and set in front of each dish.

Make Your Own Melon Cups

Start your meal with the fruit that inspired the party's theme. Using a melon baller, scoop out the contents of a watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew melon. Add a variety of melon balls to white paper bowls for a simple and sweet presentation. Wrap a coordinating color of ribbon around the bowl and finish with a fork or spoon.

Strawberry-Almond Spinach Salad

Cut up the ingredients for this simple spring salad the night before, then assemble the morning of your brunch. Serve with store-bought poppy-seed dressing.

Ham and Cheese Quiche

This simple, crustless quiche is sure to please the whole family. You assemble the casserole the night before serving, making morning-of preparations a snap.

Vanilla Cake

Make Mother's Day dessert prep simple: Order a white cake from Mom's favorite bakery, then embellish it with our printable cake bunting to add color and style.

Color-Coded Drinks

Use carafes or vintage milk bottles to serve a variety of juices or aqua frescas. Coordinate the types of juices with the colors of your gathering. Add a melon-ball garnish and an old-fashioned paper straw to each glass.


When everything is ready, surprise Mom with her gifts, then dig in.

Mother's Day Accessories

Mom can wear her brand-new wooden bracelets all day long.

Don't Forget the Cleanup

Divide the cleanup among Dad and the kids to finish Mom's morning on a good note.

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