15 Perfect Gifts for the Beauty Lover Who Has It All

If you know someone whose beauty and makeup arsenal could compete with the pros, then these inspired gifts will let them proclaim their craft to the world (or keep it all stylishly stored).

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Store Your Stuff

Dry shampoo to the rescue! This chic and witty zip pouch is perfect for storing makeup, jewelry, hair accessories and more. Plus, it's made of 100-percent natural canvas so you can get eyeshadow all over it then clean it with ease. $29; Jac Vanek

Beauty Sleep

This luxurious silk sleep mask was perfected over the course of 10 years to ensure it delivers the most restorative beauty rest. Crafted from long-strand mulberry silk both inside and out, it protects delicate skin from the tugging effects of tossing and turning. $45; Anthropologie

Gold Finish

An Italian-made travel comb with a polished gold finish is the ultimate accessory for beauty gurus on the go. $32; Net-A-Porter.com

Perfect Selfie Lighting

Kim Kardashian's selfies are notoriously flawless. Now we have her secret! Designed by Kim and developed by a professional photographer, the LuMee case features LED lighting on both the left and right sides of the case, creating the perfect lighting for selfies and photos with friends. Time on makeup = well spent! $69.95; Urban Outfitters

Elegant Touch-Ups

This gold and enamel compact mirror is glamorous and elegant with a simple reminder to leave all inhibitions behind. $30; Kate Spade

Pillow of Nails

Save yourself the time and money by bringing those healing acupuncture principles home. This comfortable pillow features more than 2,000 spikes, ensuring you're treated to the benefits of acupuncture-inspired technology wherever you may be. $40; Anthropologie

Chic Display

Store more than 30 makeup items while watching your favorite YouTube tutorials, thanks to a built-in tablet and smartphone stand. Now, this is how you perfect the cat eye, my friends. $64.99+; Etsy

Pucker Up

This mug features the drawings of the Chanel lipstick case patent from 1952. The beauty and coffee addict in your life will love this fun piece of history. $15.99+; Etsy

Peaceful Living

Transform your home with soothing aromatherapy that will slowly wash your workday stress away. $99.99; Macy's

Sweet Set

This beauty tools cookie cutter set couldn't be any more adorable. Whether your beauty-loving friend is a pro stylist or simply loves opening a tube of fresh lipstick, this set is too sweet. $6.99; Etsy

Try a New Look

If you thought you had every hue, think again. This 130-piece palette has everything you need for a truly complete makeup look. With more than 80 shades of eyeshadow and 20 shades of lip gloss, you can try something different almost every single day. $49.50; Sephora

Safe and Sound

Every beauty lover needs her accessories to be clean, organized and in order. This simple, structured leather zip pouch does just that. This tiny pouch is designed to hold brushes, pencils, lipstick and other small beauty accessories safely in a tote or handbag. $45; Leatherology

Set the Mood

Why get just one candle when you can have five? No matter your mood, Diptyque's mini candle set will create the perfect ambiance for date night, wine night or Netflix-binge night. $75; Nordstrom

Glam It Up

Some people have a strict beauty regiment, while others love experimenting with the hottest, new products on the market. If you're the latter, then you'll love the ipsy Glam Bag — an affordable, monthly service that delivers five curated beauty products straight to your mailbox in an adorable cosmetic bag. $10/month; ipsy

Lipstick Savers

Stop scrawling your favorite shade of lipstick on restaurant napkins and bathroom mirrors. These adorable highlighters are disguised as bold shades of lipstick, so they're perfect for keeping in thought-provoking locations. $9.10; Amazon

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