8 Fun New Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin

HGTV Magazine asked our experts to each trick out a pumpkin. The results? Scary good!

Photo By: Aaron Dyer

Photo By: Aaron Dyer

Photo By: Aaron Dyer

Photo By: Aaron Dyer

Photo By: Aaron Dyer

Photo By: Aaron Dyer

Photo By: Aaron Dyer

Photo By: Aaron Dyer

Photo By: Aaron Dyer

The HGTV Star Pumpkin Challenge

Eight familiar HGTV faces were given a plain ol’ pumpkin and tasked with decorating it. The trick? No carving allowed. Check out how these stars transformed the traditional jack-o'-lantern. What inventive ideas would you think up?

Point the Way by Genevieve Gorder

Spray-paint the pumpkin and its stem black. Use a small craft brush and white paint to write "candy" and draw an arrow, or use adhesive letters and an arrow from a craft store. Spray paint: Gloss Black by Krylon; Crafts paint: Art Americana acrylic crafts paint in snow white, $1.50 for 2 ounces, joann.com

Play With Pattern by Sabrina Soto

For the design on the left, stick long strips of masking tape on the pumpkin. You can cut the tape into various widths first if you want. Paint the pumpkin yellow, let dry, then peel off the tape. For the zigzag design, freehand the pattern using different-sized craft brushes and a variety of paint colors. Paint: Martha Stewart Crafts satin acrylic crafts paint in meadowlark, pink dahlia, granny smith, summer haze and beetle black, $2 for 2 ounces, joann.com

Twist Up the Stems by Vern Yip

Brush a foot-long strand of twine with white craft glue, then wrap it around a marker. While the glue is still sticky, slide the twine off and set it aside on wax paper — this will be the curly topper for your pumpkin. Wrap the stem with another strand of twine, securing with dabs of hot glue every few rotations. Before you reach the top of the stem, hot-glue the curly piece to the stem’s side. Finish wrapping the rest of the stem with twine, and hot-glue the end in place.

"Candy"-Stripe It by Meg Caswell

Spray-paint the pumpkin and its stem white. Let dry, then use puffy paint to make rows of dots that resemble strips of button candy. Let dry. Spray paint: Gloss White by Krylon; Puffy paint: Bright pack in red violet, neon yellow and light blue, $3 for a pack of three 1-ounce bottles, ilovetocreate.com

Make a Starry Sky by David Bromstad

Spray-paint the pumpkin and its stem black. Let dry, then paint a silver crescent moon. Cover the rest with gold star stickers. Spray paint: Gloss Black by Krylon; Crafts paint: Martha Stewart Crafts metallic acrylic crafts paint in sterling, $2.50 for 2 ounces, joann.com; Stickers: Presto-Stick foil stickers in gold, from $2 for a pack of 175, eurekaschool.com

Wrap Little Ones in Ribbon by Sarah Richardson

Cut pieces of ribbon long enough to wrap around each mini pumpkin. Secure with hot glue. Try the look on a bunch and gather them in a decorative container. Ribbon: For a similar look, try mjtrim.com.

Paper Them by Emily Henderson,

Cut 1-inch-wide strips of patterned paper a little longer than the pumpkin’s height. Coat the backs with Mod Podge and press them onto the pumpkin from top to bottom. Once the pumpkin’s completely covered, coat it with a layer of Mod Podge and let dry. Paper: For a similar look, try paperstudio.com.

Give Them Googly Eyes by Chip Wade

Squeeze a dot of hot glue onto the back of each googly eye, then press them firmly onto the pumpkins. Keep going until the pumpkins are entirely eyeball-bedecked. Googly eyes: Assorted googly eyes, $6 for a pack of 200, factorydirectcraft.com

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