10 Adorable Themed Easter Baskets for Kids

Instead of filling your kids’ Easter baskets will pure candy, give them fun toys, games and crafts based on something they’re passionate about like mermaids, unicorns or robots.

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Photo By: Jennifer Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer Ramos

The Only Thing More Magical Than the Easter Bunny is a Unicorn

If you know a tween girl, you know a unicorn lover. Fill baskets to the brim with all things magical like hair chalk, nail swag, stickers and more.

Calling All Aspiring Mermaids

If there are any aspiring mermaids in your life, gift them a basket (or a beach tote) with a nautical twist. Anything with a fin, scales or shell will fit in the basket. Learn how to make a custom mermaid tiara to put in the basket as well.

Bug Out The Easter Bunny

Boys and girls alike will love finding bugs in their Easter basket. Craft kits, bug houses, stickers, remote-control larva and even DIY ladybug egg.

Bits, Bytes and Bots Basket

A robot themed Easter basket is a two-for-one. This metal basket is filled with fun, but the outside also has interchangeable magnetic features from the hardware store to change up the robots look, kind of like a space-age Mr. Potato Head.

No Easter Drama When You Go Llama

There will be no Easter drama if the bunny delivers all things llama. Gift the llama lover in your family with journals, paint-by-number kits and sketchbooks. Be sure that the Easter basket has plenty of boho vibes, find inspiration here with 10 Ways to Upcycle Easter Baskets.

Bunnies, Bunnies and More Bunnies

There is nothing wrong with going the traditional bunny route. Try making a bunny basket by adding a strap instead of hangers to these bunny planters.

Say Happy Easter In Emojis

The emoji trend goes on (and on and on), even into Easter baskets. You can buy them readymade, but stuffing your own and even making your own DIY emoji eggs is so easy why would you buy them?

Young Scientist's Slime Kit

The slime obsession continues into Easter. For all the mad scientists out there how about a basket full of everything they need to make endless batches of slime, including lots of glitter and glue of all types. Fill Easter eggs with slime to get them started. Try this simple slime recipe.

Have a Fruity Fresh Easter

A fun fruit-themed Easter basket is sure to make your kids heart go pitter patter. Think fruit scented, fruit flavored and of course fruit shaped. When the bunny hops away encourage kids to plant their own pineapple.

Beach Bound Bunnies

Beach bums and pool-bound kids will appreciate a basket with a sea life theme. Whale watering cans, faux fishing poles and of course DIY narwhal eggs. Check out 15 Themed Easter Baskets That Aren't Filled With Candy for more inspiration.

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