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15 Ideas for Designing the Cutest Dog Room

From hidden bowls to dog wash stations, these design tricks for pups-only spaces are both functional and paws-itively adorable.

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Photo: Alexandra Rowley. From: HGTV Magazine.

15 Ideas to Create a Dog Room in Your Home

A dog room is not only a cute getaway for your best friend, it's a place to pamper them, store all of their many essentials (one tennis ball just isn't enough), and to give them a space of their very own. Whether you're looking to transform a whole room, create a cozy pet-proof nook or disguise a crate, these dog room design ideas are both Fido- and human-approved.

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Photo: Sincerely Lindsay; Janis Nicolay

Add an Elevated Bath Station

For her client with two huge dogs who love going on long hikes, designer Lindsay Quinn Levin of Sincerely, Lindsay Design Co. built a washing station that's the perfect height for the dogs to hop on and the humans to easily bathe them. "We paid special attention to ensure the tile was installed all the way up the walls and also incorporated a waterfall quartz countertop that runs from the counter straight down into the dog wash," said Lindsay. "By doing this, the surrounding walls and floor are fully protected from any spraying water." And any post-bath shakes.

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Photo: Jared Kuzia Photography. From: Kristina Crestin.

Make Your Kennel Easily Accessible

Kristina Crestin made her clients' extra-large mudroom both practical and pretty with saturated blue storage cubbies, durable slate tile floors and a dog crate nestled under a reclaimed wood top island. The island's open base means the kennel can easily be slid in and out for cleaning, while also making it feel as if it's part of the space and not an awkward eyesore.

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Photo: Anastasia Alkema. From: Copper Sky Design + Remodel.

Or Tuck It In a Corner

If floating a dog kennel in the middle of a room isn't exactly your thing or you don't have enough space, try including one in the bottom of a built-in, like Copper Sky Design and Remodel did in this charming blue drop zone. Grated cabinet doors make Fido's space extra airy, while a lock keeps him from getting into mischief while the humans are away.

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