Design-Conscious Pet Decor You + Your Pets Will Love

Four-legged family members are fond of laying claim to humans' stuff. ("Hey, that's MY chair/pillow/shoe!") This time around, you'll be coveting theirs.

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Photo By: Ni, Niels Nygaard

Palm Beach Perch

The sturdy poly rattan shaped into this retro orb taps into the style world's ongoing fascination with woven wicker and your cat's fascination with sinking her claws into anything that'll snag them — and it's built to withstand the attention. BUY IT: Hayneedle, $77 and up

Canine Cabana

Some pups are just as susceptible to sunburn as we are. While chasing Mister Pickles around the pool with a bottle of pet-friendly SPF is an unforgettable way to spend the afternoon, we suggest offering him his own patch of shade. (Bonus: If patio-party conversation hits a lull, you can tell your guests that this chaise had a cameo in Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3. True story.) BUY IT: The Refined Canine, $225 and up

All-In-One Storage

Centralize your pet's accessories and food with a handsome one-and-done cabinet that makes space for everything, from a canister of treats to a sliding, stainless-steel bowl compartment. BUY IT: Grandin Road, $299

Functional Art

Made to order in Copenhagen, this playhouse is Scandinavian design at its cattiest. Mount it to the wall as a statement piece that doubles as a lookout spot, or place it on the floor as a side table that just happens to have an inhabitant. Each nest arrives with a piece of long-haired, organic Icelandic sheepskin for next-level coziness. BUY IT: StyleTails, 279 pounds (about $393)

Fuzzy Math

Meyou Paris's iconic cube has been catnip for interior designers (and their feline friends) since its creators launched a Kickstarter to bring it to life three years ago. Stabilized with a sleek metal or wooden frame, each handwoven cotton sphere is both a beautiful bed and a sturdy place to scratch. Why can't all balls of yarn look this good? BUY IT: Meyou Paris, 149 euros (about $184)

Neater Feeders

In sleek, sustainably-harvested acacia wood cylinders, stainless-steel dishes are easier on the eyes — and harder to accidentally kick across the kitchen floor. BUY IT: Unleashed Life, $28 and up

Going, Gone

Cats are marvelous roommates in small living spaces. Their litter boxes? Not so much. A walnut cabinet conceals it in (midcentury modern) style, once and for all. BUY IT: Modernist Cat via Etsy, $439

Block Party

Clip and re-clip the high-density recycled-cardboard shapes in this modular array any way you like: Each one is built to withstand 300 pounds of pressure (and endless play and claw-sharpening). BUY IT: KATRIS, $200 for set

Buddy Vase

Available in a kaleidoscope of colors, the most diminutive felted-wool cocoons in this handmade collection are small enough for pet hedgehogs, while the largest accommodate 20-pound dogs. Who's ready for a nap? BUY IT: Vaiva Nat via Etsy, $29 and up

Top Brass

Elevate mealtime with heavy-duty mixed-finish pedestals and bowls that'd look right at home in Palm Springs. The medium size holds four cups of kibble, while the large serves twice as much — and each arrives with an "eat drink & be hairy" sticker. BUY IT: M3LD, $86 and up

Minimalist Bed, Maximum Comfort

It's high time your little one had a bed as thoughtfully made as yours, and Cozy Cama has just the thing: Ethically produced in the USA with domestically-sourced hardwood frames, their heirloom-quality pieces fit human pillows (so you can select a sleeping surface that's just right for your pet). BUY IT: Cozy Cama via Etsy, $255 and up

I Can Haz Laptop?

Reclaim your computer and offer Chairman Meow some tech of his own: This cheeky cardboard workstation has a plug-in toy mouse, a scratch pad and an 8.5"x11" vinyl display sleeve (so you can upgrade imagery as needed). Play us out, Keyboard Cat. BUY IT: Chewy, $31