5 Ways to Prep Your House for a New Puppy

It’s almost time for your best friend’s arrival! Get ready to welcome the newest member of your family with our essential puppy prep.

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Is there anything more exciting than bringing a new puppy home? Make sure you and your new pup can fully enjoy the experience with a few prep tips from Blue Buffalo that will ensure you and your house are ready for this next adventure!

Put Safety First

Not only are you proofing your home so your new buddy doesn’t destroy your favorite items, but most importantly, you’re trying to keep your puppy safe. Put away small items that could be choking hazards, such as coins, jewelry, and rubber bands. Keep any chemicals or medications far from their reach. Hide outlets behind furniture or install plug covers, and be sure to have electrical cords hidden or wrapped in chew-proof cord savers.

Puppy-Proof Your Home

Get on your puppy’s level and think about any temptations they can pull or bite. Move decorations, kids’ toys, pillows, and blankets off the floor and lower shelves. Make sure trash cans have lids, close toilet lids, and block stairs with a gate.

Think Through Your Plants

Some common houseplants are toxic to dogs. Avoid ZZ plants, peace lilies, snake plants, pothos, and English ivy, and be sure to research dog-safe houseplants before bringing them into your home.

Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants

  • Spider plants
  • Chinese money plant
  • Air plants
  • Bromeliads
  • African violets
  • Calathea orbifolia
  • Boston fern

Have Treat Stations for Training

Treats are an essential part of puppy training. BLUE Bits™ training treats are a tasty and healthy reward for your pup. Perfectly sized for training and packed with protein-rich chicken, the treats are made with natural ingredients and have no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Strategically place treats throughout your home to train your pup with ease.

  • By the door to encourage them to go out
  • In an on-the-go bag for walks
  • In your kitchen and living area for working on commands

Create a Puppy Schedule

Have your entire family involved in taking care of and playing with your puppy. Create a schedule that helps your newest member adjust to the family’s routines. Everyone, including small children, can help out. Assign each person a specific task for the week, and then rotate.

  • Feed and fill water bowl
  • Walk
  • Playtime
  • Rest and crate time

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