10 Backyard Accessories for Maximum Summer Fun

Summer is just around the corner, which means that the kids will need some entertaining. Get them out of the house and into some good, clean summer fun with these awesome backyard accessories. Fair warning: All the neighborhood kids will want to hang out in your yard!

Photo By: Andy Franck

Photo By: Andy Franck

Massive Dinosaur Sprinkler Attack!

Is there anything that kids love more about summer than getting soaking wet? Take your average backyard sprinkler to the next level with this massive dinosaur sprayer that will give them hours of splashy fun. The water spout is so high that even the adult-sized water lovers can get in on the fun. BUY IT: Pottery Barn, $99

Outdoor Teepee With Lights

Imagine taking in the magical summer twilight from the entry of this outdoor teepee. The LED lights that are included up the dreamy quality and will have your kids begging to stay out for just 15 more minutes. It's a fantastic daytime play spot, too. The kids can duck in and live out hours of make-believe in the shade of their very own space. BUY IT: Magic Cabin, $159

Rocker Seesaw

Some playground classics never get old, like the seesaw. This small-scale version is perfect for the backyard and is sure to give as much joy as the one you played on as a kid. And it's small enough that when the weather turns cold, you can haul it inside to a basement or playroom for the fun to continue all year long. BUY IT: Hayneedle, $69.25

Hanging Play Tent

This "HugglePod" hanging tent is so enticing that you will surely be forgiven for wanting to keep it for yourself. A cross between a tent and a swing, it will be the perfect spot for getting out of the sun with a buddy or curling up with some summer reading. Don't be suprised if you catch your kiddo napping in it after a long day of warm-weather activities. BUY IT: Wayfair, $199

Unicorn Sprinkler

OK, one more sprinkler because they've come so far from the lawn waterers we had as kids. With a giant unicorn sprinkler, your yard will instantly be transformed into a magical water wonderland that all the kids will want to spend their days in. It's so darn cute that we wouldn't blame you for spending your days right in there with them. BUY IT: Target, $49

Animal Head Potters

Get your kids into gardening this summer with these sweet animal head growing kits. While you're digging out weeds, your kids can tend to their lion or panda heads. These kits come with everything they need to grow a plant of their own from a growing medium to the seeds. They'll be so eager to watch for their sprouts to emerge from their potters, they'll hardly be able to stand it. BUY IT: Target, $2.49 each

Standing Surf Swing

A quintessential summertime activity — swinging from a tree — gets a major upgrade with this "Swurfer" swing. Big kids can stand up on it and delight in the swooping and swishing moves they can pull off, while smaller kids can sit for a gentler ride. Tie it up to a sturdy tree bough, and enjoy the summer breezes (if you can wrangle a ride from your kids). BUY IT: Amazon, $130

Ladybug Water Blaster

Talk about things that have improved with age! Gone are the days of having a tiny neon water pistol that took all the patience you could muster to fill from the garden hose. This water blaster comes with a tank that stores so much water you might regret it when you become its target. Your little one will be grinning as big as the ladybug on the tank. BUY IT: Amazon, $15

Gardening Tool Belt

Tiny garden helpers will be thrilled to have a set of gardening tools of their own. This miniature belt is for the smaller set and includes size-appropriate trowel, gloves and watering can. Just make sure to tell them not to dig up your freshly planted flowers! BUY IT: Melissa and Doug, $15

Mini Ramp Halfpipe

If you want to be the ultimate cool parent, set your little skater up with this awesome mini halfpipe in your backyard or garage. Mini is a relative term here, of course. Compared to a skate park, this is definitely small, but you will need a good 16 feet of space to make this dream come true for your daring skater or scooter-er. BUY IT: OC Ramps, $1650