15 Adorable Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies

You're never too young to get in on the Halloween fun (or to have your parents do it for you). We've found darling ideas for newborns to walkers.

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October 03, 2019

Wild Thing

Let your little one make mischief of one kind and another with Max's costume from Where the Wild Things Are. The 100 percent cotton romper is easy to put on and a super comfy outfit that he won't mind wearing all night.

Buy It: LoveAuntieFiddle at Etsy, $42-$44

Not-So-Smelly Skunk

For your little stinker, grab this adorable skunk costume. A furry white stripe starts at the tip of the head and goes down the tail for the characteristic telltale of the creature. Paint a little black dot for a nose and slip the two-piece costume over a black shirt and leggings to complete the look.

Buy It: Pottery Barn Kids, $59

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from 'Ghostbusters'

Newborns don't have to miss out on Halloween fun. Swaddle costumes, like this delightfully unsinister rendition of the famous Ghostbusters villain, are not only completely adorable, but also keep your baby warm on a chilly October night.

Buy It: Target, $36


The classic pumpkin costume never goes out of style. This version comes with everything you need: the plush hat and vest, as well as the striped green leggings and shirt to go underneath.

Buy It: Target, $20

Rosie the Riveter

Dress up your girl in the "We Can Do It!" spirit with a costume inspired by World War II icon Rosie the Riveter. The denim jumpsuit has an embroidered name patch and is paired with a red-and-white polka dot headband. Because, yes, she can.

Buy It: TheSilverCloset at Etsy, $37

Jack-Jack from 'The Incredibles'

This popular family costume wouldn't be complete without the youngest Super. The stretchy bodysuit (that snaps at the shoulders for easy dressing and undressing) is ready for your little shapeshifter. Protect his identify with the mask-like glasses.

Buy It: Shop Disney, $34.95

Octopus + Diver

When you're walking around the neighborhood to trick-or-treat with your older kiddos, a baby carrier for your youngest is a must. We love this clever carrier disguised as an octopus so you both get to be a part of the dress-up fun.

Buy It: Party City, $44.99

Princess Jasmine

For some kids, princess love starts early. Hop on the magic carpet with this charming Jasmine costume from Aladdin. Made with a healthy dose of glitter, jewels and satin, this outfit is designed for magical imagination and is perfect for playing dress-up long after the Halloween candy is gone.

Buy It: Shop Disney, $34.95

Sweet Snail

No one would hesitate to pick up this cute mollusk, since she'll only be sticky from too much candy. This plush costume has a 3-D swirly, orange-and-white shell on the back and darling antennae on the hood.

Buy It: Target, $20

Little Duckling

Your kiddo follows you around every day, all day long, so for Halloween, dress her up like the little duckling she already is. The fluffy white costume is topped with a duck-billed hood and also has sweet, webbed-feet slippers.

Buy It: Pottery Barn Kids, $69

Ewok From 'Star Wars'

Whether you simply love the furry creatures from Endor or are dressing up the whole gang in Star Wars attire, this baby Ewok costume is a win. The furry bodysuit combines with a soft draped cowl to create the teddy bear-like beings from Return of the Jedi.

Buy It: Shop Disney, $34.95


Another adorable option for non-walkers, this pea-in-a-pod costume keeps your tiny one cozy and warm. Make it a family costume with parents as gardeners carrying their freshly picked veggie.

Buy It: Walmart, $16.35

Baby Shark

Transform your child's favorite tune into his Halloween costume. Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo. This full-body jumpsuit changes him into the toothy sea creature, complete with a goldfish pal. We apologize ahead of time for having the song stuck in your head for the rest of the week.

Buy It: Party City, $36.99

Puppy Dog

It's hard to beat the cuteness factor of this fluffy puppy dog one-piece. The super-soft costume is made from boa material and faux fur so baby will feel extra snuggly all night.

Buy It: Pottery Barn Kids, $69


For a fruity take on Halloween, outfit your kiddo in this oh-so-fun pineapple costume. Bright and colorful, this easy-to-put-on bodysuit zips up the front and goes over the included striped tights and white long-sleeve t-shirt.

Buy It: JCPenney, $17.60 (originally $44)