These 90s Snacks Still Exist and You Can Buy Them Online

Share your favorite childhood school treats with your own kids. Or treat yourself to a throwback snack.

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July 21, 2020

Forget milky pens, clear phones or blow-up chairs. The best part of the 90s was snacking. While some iconic brands have retired (RIP Squeezeit), you might be surprised at just how many of your favorite school snacks are still available today. Whether you’re planning school lunches for your own kiddos or want to treat yourself to some sugary nostalgia, we’ve rounded up the best 90s treats that you can buy online. Check out our favorites, from Gushers to Bagel Bites.

$22.99, Pack of 3

After nearly eight years off the shelf, Dunkaroos are back! The mini cookie treats weren’t an everyday snack because they're basically just cups of frosting; so, when you looked in your lunchbox and saw that kangaroo with a bomber jacket, you knew it was going to be a good day.

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$18, Pack of 42

When I think of 90s snacks, I immediately imagine a pack of Gushers, and the horrifyingly disturbing commercials where kids ate them and their heads turned into giant fruits. The brand even resurrected their famous “mystery flavor” campaign earlier this year, but thankfully catfish wasn’t a flavor choice for 2020. I’m still traumatized from watching that girl’s face turn into a fish.

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This was the quintessential after-school snack. Or the go-to snack if you went over to a friend’s house for a playdate.

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11.92, Pack of 40

Half the fun of Capri Sun was finishing the drink so you could inflate and punch the pouch, as this would — with skill and luck — send the yellow straw flying across the table. Many a catapult was made and many a catapult was confiscated by angry teachers and camp counselors.

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Fruit Roll-Ups were a lunchbox constant. There’s even an anniversary version out right now with the 90s edible pizza template. Remember tearing out those tiny fruit-flavored mushrooms?

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Who knew fruit leather could be so fun? If you weren’t a Fruit Roll-Up kid, you were a Fruit By the Foot kid. You can still get your hands on the 3-foot-long sugar tape today.

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$7.17, Pack of 8

This drink was incredibly polarizing. You either loved it for its subtle flavors and thin consistency or you thought it tasted like vague chocolate water. One rule still remains: shake it first.

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90s snacks were all about portable dips and Handi Snacks were the epitome of this craze. Whether it was tiny breadsticks, Oreos or the Ritz cheese spread, you knew it was going to be good if it came with a teeny, tiny red stick.

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What do you get when you cross carnival food with probiotic cultures? Gogurt. I can still smell the cotton candy flavor to this day. In the summer, I would eat them frozen like ice pops.

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$16.95, Pack of 6

It’s not the 100% authentic experience for me without seeing Slimer from Ghostbusters on the packaging, but I’m glad Hi-C is still around.

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