Simple Decorating Ideas for Baby and Bridal Showers

Throw a sophisticated shower whether planning for the big day at the altar or a special delivery. Follow our 11 ideas for an elegant shower complete with an unexpected color scheme and clever decorative touches.

Fresh Color Palette

Color is the easiest and most effective way to make an event your own. Choose a palette that works as well for baby boys and girls as it does for moms, dads, husbands and wives. A palette of coral, navy blue, white and silver is a sophisticated fit for both baby and bridal showers.

Easy DIY Invites

Creating a one-of-a-kind invitation is easier than you think. Start by photographing a single object relevant to your theme, like wedding toppers for a touch of bridal or baby bottles filled with milk for a baby shower. Print the images on photo paper, and either add text and borders with photo editing software or simply stamp the party information on the back and mail as a postcard.

Tabletop Supersized

A great alternative to renting banquet tables for your shower is to add a larger, temporary top to your existing table. Have a piece of plywood cut six inches larger on all four sides than your actual table. For round tables, simply add six inches to the overall diameter. Enlist a friend to help place the plywood directly on top, then conceal it with a tablecloth.

Mix It Up

Combine different-colored plates and bowls paired with utensils from various sets for an eclectic, casual look.

Stamped Place Cards

For baby showers, create a simple, personalized place card. Purchase boxes of pop-up, baby-themed invites, and use stamps and color-coordinated ink to add guests' names.

Clever Place Card Favors

Bridal shower place cards can also make for unique party favors. Instead of folding paper cardstock, opt for colorful journals or notebooks. Write each guest's name down on decorative paper, and attach it to the front of the journal with double-sided tape. Slightly open the book, and place it on its side in front of the place setting.

Multipurpose Favors

Select meaningful keepsakes as party favors and double them as napkin rings for the party. While figurines work well, tree ornaments are an even better option due to their attached ribbon. Simply loop the hanging ribbon or string around the napkin, and position the keepsake in place.

Trays of Goodies

To ensure your shower remains interactive and engaging, enlist guests to pass around easy-to-eat finger foods on serving trays. Not only is this is a great way to show off your beautiful culinary creations, it helps break the ice in the event guests may or may not know one another.

Tasty and Colorful

In addition to the table decor, play up the color scheme with finger foods. Customize easy-to-make almond cookies by adding food coloring to icing and then dressing them up with pearlescent, edible ornamentation.

Creative Food Displays

To add playful flair to a baby shower, fill baby food jars with treats such as chocolate-covered pretzels. Not only does this add to the overall theme, it gives guests something to contain their edibles in.

Mocktails for All

Bring the look of fun, colorful cocktails to non-alcoholic party drinks. A splash of cranberry juice added to orange-flavored sparkling water gives it a coral hue – coordinating with your color scheme. Rim each glass with sugar and garnish with an orange wedge to evoke an adult-beverage aesthetic.

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