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Make a Felt Wedding Bouquet

Create your own handcrafted felt flowers, perfect for a bridal bouquet or custom boutonniere.

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Felted Bridal Bouquet

A hand-crafted, felt wedding bouquet is a beautiful way to create flowers that will last a lifetime. You can choose your own flowers, your own colors, and your own arrangement to create a unique bouquet that will be treasured for years to come. Click through this gallery for a detailed how-to and get inspired to create your own.

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To create your felted flowers you will need 100% wool felt, 100% wool roving, felting needles and scissors. If you want to make a bouquet you will also need wire stiff enough to hold the weight of your flowers, soap and vinegar. We suggest using hand dyed felt or dying your own to create some depth of color in your flowers.

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One of the easiest flowers to make is a rose. For our bouquet we made these miniature rose buds, but you can make your roses any size and any color you like.

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Starting Your Roses

To create your roses you will need a long strip of felt with arches cut along one side. Experiment with different styles and sizes of arches until you find the one that is perfect for your rose. You'll also need some roving in a similar color to the felt.

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