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Free Christmas Party Invitations

Tell friends and family about your holiday part in style with our collection of free printable Christmas invitations.
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Holiday Cocktail Party Invitation

Set the mood for your holiday cocktail party with a glitzy invitation. Start with our printable template, then add sparkling embellishments.

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Photo: Wynn Myers

Simple Christmas Brunch Invitations

Why not hand-deliver a special invitation to your guests on Christmas morning? These Valentine-sized printable invites make for fantastic stocking stuffers, too.

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Handmade Holiday Dinner Party Invitation

Get creative with some embellished invitations that will help set the tone for the party to come. Anything goes, from burlap trim to buttons, yarn, sequin and glitter — the idea is to add your own handmade "stamp" to a simple printable invitation. To create a matching envelope liner, trace the shape of a 5-by 7-inch envelope onto scrapbook paper and cut around it, a third of an inch smaller. Then secure it to the inside of the envelopes with double-sided tape. Punch out a 2-inch printable cupcake topper with a 2-inch round paper puncher to use as an envelope seal.

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Pet Party Invitations

A holiday party for your pet? Yes, it's possible! Start the party by inviting favorite four-legged friends and their human companions to a pet-focused bash with these fun printable invites.

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