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Football-Inspired DIY Centerpieces

By: Abigail Barnes

Looking to stand out on gameday? Be the talk of your next tailgate with these awesome football-inspired centerpieces. Switch out the colors to show pride for your favorite team.

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"We're #1" Kraft Hat Box

Download this PDF kit and print it on card stock. Cut out the football "laces" and affix it to the front of a kraft paper hat box. Cut out the icons and use a hot glue gun to attach them to lollipop sticks or kitchen skewers. Fill the hat box with coordinating paper shred and insert the football icons.

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SCORE Covered Soup Cans

Remove the labels, and clean and dry five empty soup cans, then cover them with black-and-white striped paper. Cut out large colorful letters to spell "SCORE," then cut out the same letters – larger ­­– from a second color. Sandwich the letters on a lollipop stick, affixing them with hot glue. Lastly, add the letters and a small bunch of flowers to each can.

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Championship Vintage Trophy

Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to go. Fill a small vintage trophy with paper shred to match your team's colors and place a small spray-painted football on top.

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Fresh Flower Bud Vases

Purchase regular balloons in your team color and cut the "neck" portion of the balloon off. Stretch the remainder of the balloon onto the bottom of any small glass vase, then fill it with water and coordinating flowers. Add a small hang tag or some matching ribbon for a finishing touch.

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