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DIY Seed Starter Wedding Favor

Create these unique and memorable wedding favors for your garden-inspired event.
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A Wedding Favor That Grows

This unique wedding favor is one your guests won't soon forget.

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The Materials

You will need: test tubes and cork stoppers (3 for each favor)/wooden popsicle sticks (3 for each favor)/ink pad and letter stamps/3 varieties of herb seeds (1/2 packet of each for each favor)/writing parchment/hole punch/twine or string. Stamp each of the popsicle sticks with the name of the herbs for each favor. Start with the last letter in each word at the very end and move toward the center. The sticks will be used as plant markers.

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Prepare the Tubes

Clean and dry test tubes. Divide seed packets in half and fill each of the three tubes with different seeds. Insert the corresponding popsicle stick and seal the tube with a cork stopper.

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Make the Tags

Use a word processing application to print out your message on writing parchment. Cut the parchment into strips and punch a hole in one end of the tag.

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