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Menu Ideas for Your 2024 Solar Eclipse Party

Find ideas for hosting a solar eclipse party including lunch, brunch, potluck ideas, snack recipes, cocktails and sweets.

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What Better Reason to Throw a Party?

On Monday, April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will be visible across a wide swath of the U.S. as the moon passes directly between the Earth and the sun. The eclipse will cast a shadow along a path stretching from Mexico’s Pacific coast all the way up to Canada’s Atlantic coast.

A solar eclipse doesn’t happen too often. If you miss this one, the next one in this part of the world will take place in 20 years — August 2044. So, if you’re in the path of the 2024 eclipse, there's no better reason to throw a party. For most of the U.S., the eclipse will start in the late morning and last through the midafternoon. So we put together some brunch, lunch, snack, buffet, cocktail and party ideas to help you celebrate this celestial event.

First up: Shimmer like the stars with this glam, galaxy-inspired cocktail recipe. The moody cobalt color is perfect for the eclipse, but you can use food coloring to create a variety of celestial shades.

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Chip + Dip Party Board

Homemade dips and store-bought chips make for an irresistible party board. With a variety of chip options such as tortilla, pita and salted and flavor-packed dipping choices like sweet pea guacamole and beet hummus, there's a delicious combination for every taste bud.

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Champagne Cocktails for Day Drinking

Celebrate the big orange ball in the sky by serving orange cream mimosas. Homemade orange cream sorbet is the base of your mimosa; top it with champagne and watch the sorbet dissolve into a sea of bubbly bliss. Get the Recipe >>

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Half-Moon Cookies

The classic black-and-white cookie is right on theme for a solar eclipse party. This recipe has a cake-like texture and is made with sweet buttercream instead of fondant icing. Get the Recipe >>

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