These Tools Will Make All Your Pancake Dreams Come True

Snag some organic maple syrup and a big slab of butter, because it's time to celebrate National Pancake Day. Here are our top 20 pancake-making tools and accessories for all the flapjack lovers out there.

Keep in mind: Price and stock could change after publish date, and we may make money from these links.

Keep in mind: Price and stock could change after publish date, and we may make money from these links.
September 26, 2018

Gravity Syrup Dispenser

You can't have a proper pancake breakfast without some delicious syrup. This smart syrup dispenser is pretty and functional: when it's tilted down, the top opens automatically to dispense the syrup, and when it's upright the lid closes. You'll get fewer drips, spills and over-pouring and more pancake-eating.

Buy It: Williams Sonoma, $15.96

Ultimate Mixing Bowl

Don't even think about making pancakes without a proper mixing bowl. This giant mixing bowl is the mother of all mixing bowls, clocking in at six liters. Made of melamine, it's super sturdy, nonslip and can go right into the dishwasher. You "batter" get one pronto if you're as pancake-obsessed as we are.

Buy It: Food 52, $70

Acacia + Gold Measuring Cups

Along with a proper mixing bowl, you need a robust set of measuring cups for your homemade pancake-making adventures. Solid acacia wood handles mean they're sturdy enough to stand upright and take a beating.

Buy It: Crate and Barrel, $24.95

Whipped Cream Dispenser

If you and your family love your pancakes with berries and whipped cream, then you need your own whipped cream dispenser. Bonus? The kids will have a blast "drawing" on their pancakes with whipped cream for a special treat.

Buy It: Amazon, $32.39

Triple Pancake Pan

If you're obsessed about your pancakes being the same shape and size, you probably need a pancake pan. This beeswax-coated pan will help you make perfectly shaped silver dollar pancakes every time.

Buy It: Kaufmann Merchantile, $54.95

Batter Dispenser

Uplevel your pancake game in a big way with this pancake batter dispenser. This tool allows you to release batter into the pan or griddle more precisely than a spoon. It's especially handy if you're trying to make specific shapes or sizes.

Buy It: Amazon, $26.99

Silicone Pancake Ring

This handy silicone ring will help you make Mickey Mouse-inspired pancakes all day. And if you're trying to get the kids excited about cooking, then this fun tool should do the trick.

Buy It: Amazon, $14.90

Pancake Pen

This dual-tip pancake "pen" will allow you and your family to become true pancake artists. Use it to create unique shapes or draw directly on your pancakes. You can write out kids' names or even include individual messages on your flapjacks.

Buy It: Williams Sonoma, $14.95

Grass-Fed Butter Sampler

Along with the other pancake accouterments, you'll want to have some creamy butter on hand. This butter sampler includes a fresh and seasonal four-pack made from fresh cream and sourced from Georgia grass-fed, hormone-free cows. The fall mix includes sea salt, cinnamon, roasted garlic and balsamic fig butters. YUM.

Buy It: Food 52, $48.00

Porcelain Berry Baskets

As far as we're concerned, berries and pancakes should always be present on your breakfast table. Serve your fruit in these lovely porcelain berry baskets, which are made to look just like the ones you'd find in your local market's fresh produce section.

Buy It: Food 52, $65.00

Pro Griddle

This griddle is another must-have cooking tool for the true pancake devotees out there. It can go up to 425 degrees and will give you an evenly heated cooking surface. It's also really easy to take apart, which means it's easy to clean. Score!

Buy It: Sur la Table, $110.00

Pancake Turner

Did you know there's a tool called a "pancake turner?" You might need one if you're making pancakes on the regular. Designed with the perfect balance of rigidity for pancake flipping, this tool will help you cook your short stack up without making a giant mess.

Buy It: Sur la Table, $12.00

Farmhouse Pancake + Waffle Mix

If cooking isn't really your jam, but you still want to enjoy some yummy pancakes, then you need this gourmet pancake and waffle mix. Simply add an egg, butter, and water, and you'll have incredible pancakes in no time.

Buy It: Amazon, $24.95

Glass (Pan)Cake Stand

If you're inviting your friends and family over for a pancake brunch, you'll need serving pieces like these. These are cake stands, but we think they'd be perfect for serving up pancakes, too. Buy a few and use them to separate your pancake varieties.

Buy It: Food 52, $34-$102

'Posh Pancakes' Cookbook

Commit to your favorite breakfast food with a cookbook like this one. Posh Pancakes includes more than 70 specialized pancake recipes from all over the world including Sri Lankan hoppers, Keralan dosas, Japanese okonomiyaki and Vietnamese banh xeo. There's also plenty of classic recipes in there if you're more of a buttermilk pancake kind of family.

Buy It: Amazon, $13.41

Deep Plate

For more casual pancake breakfasts or brunch gatherings, we love the idea of using this deep ceramic pan as a serving piece. Stack the pancakes in the dish and let everyone pass them around the table, family-style.

Buy It: Kaufmann Mercantile, $52.90

Maple Syrup Collection

You can take your love of pancakes to a new level with some artisanal syrups. You'll have spicy maple, coffee maple and cinnamon maple to choose from, but we're guessing you'll want them all.

Buy It: Food 52, $45.00

Powdered Sugar Shaker

Some people like syrup, some like whipped cream and some like powdered sugar on their pancakes. (Or you're like me and require all of the above.) This handy powdered sugar dispenser is an excellent option for pancake lovers with a major sweet tooth.

Buy It: Crate and Barrel, $9.95