16 Essentials for a Summer-Ready Bar Cart

From the best handheld juicers to chic seersucker napkins to shatterproof drinkware, these must-have items will help upgrade your bar cart and keep you and your guests refreshed all summer long.

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July 03, 2019

Kill Time, Not Vibes

Nothing kills a vibe like the sound of broken glass and the mess that follows. Avoid the buzzkill by skipping the glass barware. Constructed with durable BPA-free plastic, this adorable line has you covered from rocks glasses to stemware and guarantees a shatterproof summer.

Buy It: Pottery Barn, $3.50 - $15.50 (Originally $6.50 - $26)

Rabbit Cocktail Maker

What's better than a summer cocktail? A frozen summer cocktail. Use this handy cocktail maker from Rabbit to make margaritas, piña coladas, frosé and more. Fill the silicone carafe with your favorite drink ingredients, freeze and then squeeze the neoprene sleeve before serving. Since you're not adding ice like you would when making drinks in a blender, even as the drink melts, it won't get watered down and will maintain its flavor.

Buy It: Williams Sonoma, $39.95

The Perfect Juicer

Even an amateur mixologist knows that fresh citrus juices are the only way to go. However, squeezing citrus fruits by hand comes with a laundry list of problems. Not only is it unsanitary, it makes a mess, leaves your hands super sticky and it's nearly impossible to actually get all the juice into your glass. This gorgeous citrus juicer will circumvent all the issues and turn you into a mixing pro in no time.

Buy It: Food52, $28.00

Raise Your Glass Dispenser

Add depth and texture to your summer bar cart with this beautiful rattan beverage dispenser stand. Not only will a stand help you to elevate your dispenser, making it much easier to use, it will also make your bar cart even chicer. Plus, the rattan will add a beachy vibe and make any drink feel like a margarita by the ocean.

Buy It: Crate & Barrel, $29.95

Garnish Like a Pro

Have you ever wondered how bartenders get those perfect strips of lemon in your martini? Well, we have the answer, and it's a lot easier than you may have thought. All you need is this nifty little tool. For under $10, you can create perfect citrus spirals and delicately shaved lemon peels to expertly garnish your beverages.

Buy It: Amazon, $6.99

No Watered-Down Drinks

Ice melts quickly in the hot summer sun and can make a cool beverage slightly unappealing. Sure, you could drink your beverage out of an ugly, clunky steel cup, or you could enjoy it in its proper vessel with a more creative cooling solution. These geometric whiskey stones are the perfect solution for enjoying a cool alcoholic beverage without having to worry about the sun watering it down.

Buy It: Crate & Barrel, $16.95 (Set of 2)

Shake Things Up

If you own a bar cart and no cocktail shaker, then you most likely are more concerned with aesthetics than practicality. However, we've got a shaker that is an expert in both fields: a golden pineapple shaker. Pineapple decor is already in and we’re pretty sure cocktails don't go out of style. It's a win-win.

Buy It: Williams-Sonoma, $79.95

Maximize Your Wine Storage

Skip a boring lineup of wine bottles and opt for vertical storage that will allow you to keep more bottles on deck at once. This stacked wine-rack arch is as gorgeous as it is practical. The delicate gold finish is sure to fit in on any bar cart or credenza, and the slanting bottle storage will keep your corks wet and your wines as fresh as possible.

Buy It: Anthropologie, $98.00

Big Batch Beverage Dispenser

It's time you ditched the stained plastic pitcher you’ve used for years and opt for something a little more elegant. Not only will a beautiful beverage dispenser like this add a touch of class to whatever you choose to serve, but it will also allow you to make a much bigger batch, which is never a bad thing.

Buy It: Sam's Club, $24.98

Next-Level Decanter

Decanters are an absolute necessity on a bar cart. First of all, it will make you feel like a million bucks when you pick one up and pour yourself a dram. Secondly, they are the ultimate way to up your bar cart's aesthetic.

Buy It: Crate & Barrel, $29.95

Tried-and-True Bamboo Skewers

Forgo the expensive cocktail skewers that tend to wind up anywhere but back on your bar cart and opt for a simpler approach. These bamboo skewers probably look familiar because they are used on almost every drink you’ve ever been served in a bar. All that means is they are tried and true and ready to garnish your poolside cocktail.

Buy It: Amazon, $4.96 (Set of 100)

Ice, Ice, Baby

If you're serving guests from your outdoor bar cart this summer, an insulated ice bucket is a must. Don't even waste your time with a bowl of ice on a hot summer day. By the time you walk outside, it's already halfway gone. This bowl will be your lifeline in the hot summer sun and ensure every drink you serve is a refreshing one.

Buy It: Amazon, $26.95

Summer-Ready Seersucker

Making drinks can get messy and if you're away from the kitchen, you need to make sure you have a quick clean-up option. These stylish seersucker napkins are summer-approved and ready to wipe up all your bar cart messes. They also work great as cute make-shift koozies for when your ice-cold drink starts to numb your hand.

Buy It: Food52, $32 (Set of 4)

In-Home Sommelier

Though many have tried to improve upon the design, it just seems that none compare to a plain waiter's corkscrew. This particular example has an ergonomic handle and features pretty much everything you need to remove anything that stands between you and your drink.

Buy It: Food52, $26.00

Summery Sipping

Don't even bother garnishing your perfect summer cocktail with a drab, white plastic straw. Not only are these floral-print paper straws infinitely more adorable than boring plastic straws, but they are also infinitely better for the environment.

Buy It: Anthropologie, $8 (Set of 25)

Just Add Booze

If you don't want a pile of bar tools taking up a corner of your bar cart, then this is really all you need. This 10-in-1 bar tool features everything you need to mix drinks like a pro: a muddler, reamer, channel knife, two jiggers, zester, knife, stirrer, strainer, corkscrew and a bottle opener. Forgo the pile of individual tools and save room for some more booze.

Buy It: Food52, $32.00