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What to Clean if You Only Have 10 Minutes

Tackle one of these simple chores next time you have 10 minutes to spare, and you’ll find that it makes a big difference in helping your home feel more presentable.

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Photo: Emily Fazio. From: Emily Fazio.

Sanitize the Remotes, Switches, and Doorknobs

Take a moment to consider how infrequently you clean the doorknobs and light switches. Wiping them with a disinfecting cloth cuts down on the spread of germs, and quite obviously is an excellent use of your time. Forget about finding 10 free minutes, though. This 10-minute chore is the perfect multitasking opportunity (like when you’re on the phone with your mom, or waiting for dinner to get out of the oven).

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Load the Dishwasher

Whether it’s the dishes from your last meal or the mountain in the sink, take 10 minutes to relocate that dirty stuff into the dishwasher. Don’t forget to add the detergent after loading; set it up, hit start, and walk away.

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Photo: Emily Fazio

Make the Bed

Mom was right. If you make the bed, the whole bedroom just feels... better. Straighten out pillows and shams and rearrange the top sheet and comforter. You’ll breathe easier and, the bed will look more inviting too. This is a pretty simple chore, and you can probably change the sheets in under 10 minutes too... if you hustle. Bonus points for mitered corners.

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Photo: Landmark Photography. From: Andrea Swan.

Wipe Down the Windows

Spray-spray-spray, wipe-wipe-wipe. Cleaning glass isn’t a chore that’s difficult, and in 10 minutes you can easily refresh many of the windows in your home. Don’t get carried away though - you’ll be most productive if you use your time to deal with the panes that get the most action... the one that the dog nose-boops while watching squirrels, or those that the kids riddle with fingerprints while watching the garbage truck.

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