20 Toy Storage Ideas for Your Family Room

The littlest people in our houses come with an abundance of stuff. Discover creative ways to keep kids' toys handy for everyday play without sacrificing your grown-up style.

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January 24, 2019

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Embrace It Fully

Make your toy storage solution a part of your room's decor. In this spacious family room, linear and geometric floating shelves show off the toys you and your kids love while a row of lower cabinets keep the chaos at bay.

Rethink and Redo

See an old piece of furniture or recent thrift-store score in a new light. This former dresser gets an updated look with coral paint and bunny-head hardware. Cabinets provide hidden storage spots, while the drawers are removed for open shelves to house easy-to-grab picture books and board games.

It's All in the Cubes

Preschools have been using them forever for a reason, and that's because cubbies provide definition and make organizing easier, especially when paired with totes that disguise the clutter.

Create Readers

Encourage reading by always having books within reach and in sight. Use picture ledges to turn one of your walls into a kids' library. The front-facing display makes it simple for kids to see what they want without pulling every book off the shelf.

The Quickest of Fixes

Double-duty furniture that provides much-needed storage — we're all in. Rustic wood and nailhead detailing mix with a bold graphic fabric for an ottoman that acts as extra seating, a place to prop up your feet and most importantly, a hurry-and-stash-all-the-toys spot when last-minute guests arrive.

Maximize Space

Leave no nook unturned. That cozy little window seat might be the ideal place to curl up with a good book, but it's also the perfect spot to add extra shelving underneath. Rather than just tossing stuffed animals, toys and books on the shelves, use coordinating bins for a streamlined look (even when the contents inside are a little chaotic).

Simplicity Is Key

The easier it is to pick up, the more likely you (and your kids!) are to do it. Accessible containers around your family room mean you can simply toss everything into the bins when it's time to clean. Give each child a basket and see who can race to fill it up first.

Keep It in Plain Sight

Style your bookshelves with toys. By grouping similar items together and using baskets for not-so-display-worthy offerings, you can create bookshelf designs that are kid friendly and add to your family room's aesthetic.

Rooted in Organization

A wall of built-ins solves a multitude of storage issues — extra throw blankets, media essentials, books and, of course, toys. Designate specific cabinets and drawers for art and craft supplies, games and other kiddo knickknacks. The beauty of built-ins is once all the doors and drawers are closed, the family room is a complete grown-up arena.

Label Know-How

Baskets and bins are really the working horses of toy storage. They make cleanups quick and painless and create organized shelves. If you already know the power of a great bin, make sure your labels are working for you, too. Opting for pictures of the toys rather than words make it clear for even your youngest to help with pick-up time.

Grow With Your Family

Choose baskets that will last you long after your kids don't need them for toys. Woven baskets equal easy pick up, they're transportable, durable and add tactile delight to your overall design. Toss stuffed animals and books in them now; use them for throw blankets and pillows when the kids get older.

Close It Up

Take those woven baskets up a notch by choosing ones that have lids. Same great use, but hiding all the clutter within. The global-inspired structure of this basket also adds chic lines, texture and color to the living space.

Boxed In

Boxes are painted with chalkboard paint for easy labeling and are helpful for corralling smaller items, like blocks and figurines. Plus, the contrasting schoolhouse-inspired design looks super cute stacked on open shelving.

Move On

Basic DIY skills, a pallet or extra wood and casters are all you need to create a mobile toy bin. Roll the bin into a closet or bedroom when company comes over and then back out to the family room when it's time to play. For an eye-catching addition, spray paint the casters a vibrant shade.

Think Like a Grown-Up

Instead of looking for kid-sized options, go ahead and invest in full-size furnishings. Not only does this contemporary bookshelf match the scale of the rest of the family room, but it will also grow with your family. Plus, it adds a bright burst of color to this neutral space.

Utilize Handy Bins

Look for shelves or bins that your kids can reach. They'll be able to grab what they want to play with and help put everything back up when they're done. These open, angled bins are designed to keep toys and books from spilling out on to the floor.

Switch It Up

Trade out your typical end tables for ones that serve multiple functions — like these open bookcases that offer up display space on top and plenty of storage options below.

Make It Work for You

Not just for your media components, your entertainment center doubles as playtime storage. With all the necessities — shelves, cabinets and cubbies — this hardworking piece of furniture is perfect for displaying and hiding away.

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Take It Vertical

Tall shelving units create ample storage opportunities without taking up a lot of floor space. Open and closed cubbies allow you to feature pretty books and favorite stuffed animals, while drawers take on the big job of organizing everything else.

Back to School

A decidedly different take on bookshelves, these vivid green lockers not only add a shock of color to this eclectic family room, but they're also a smart storage solution. Every toy, art supply, book and game is tucked away behind closed doors.

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