15 Zero-Waste Kitchen Buys for the Entire Family

Save money and the planet with these eco-friendly products you'll love using time and time again.

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February 27, 2019

Bee's Wrap

Better for the environment than disposable plastic, these reusable wraps are great for covering large bowls, dishes, baked goods, cheese, fruits and more. Use the warmth of your hands to soften the organic cotton wrap and create a seal over the food or dishware you wish to cover. When cold, the wrap holds its shape, keeping your food fresh longer.

Buy It: Sur La Table, $18 (Set of 3)

Food Storage Bags

Be kind to your wallet and the environment with this set of three reusable bags made of natural, nontoxic, hypoallergenic and temperature-resistant silicone. These flexible bags create an airtight seal that locks in flavors, nutrients and freshness. Use them to freeze food and then thaw or cook food in the microwave or bake in the oven. Just toss them in the dishwasher to clean for reuse.

Buy It: Sur La Table, $39.95

Mesh Produce Bag

Make grocery shopping sustainable with this reusable cotton mesh produce bag. The durable bag is made from certified organic cotton with a drawstring closure that fits everything from apples to bananas. The lightweight construction folds up for easy packing so you'll never need a plastic bag again.

Buy It: Urban Outfitters, $10

Cloth Coffee Filter

You don't have to sacrifice flavor to be sustainable. This organic cloth filter sits nicely on top of your pour-over carafe. Just compost the grounds, rinse the filter, and you're ready to brew your next batch.

Buy It: Amazon, $7.68

Silicone Food Hugger

One of the most significant contributions to landfills in the U.S. is food waste. Cut back on plastic wrap, foil and plastic bags with reusable silicone food savers. Just push your leftover fruit or veggie gently into the Food Hugger, and it will wrap itself snuggly around your leftovers to keep them fresh.

Buy It: Amazon, $12.95

Stainless Steel Food Storage Canister

Stay eco-aware in the kitchen with this airtight (and watertight) food storage canister. This stainless steel canister has a lock-tight lid, so it's perfect for storing stuff at home, taking your lunch or carrying a few snacks. Plus, you can write the contents on the lid with a non-permanent marker that easily washes off.

Buy It: Urban Outfitters, $20

Juco Sandwich Bag

Save the world one sandwich at a time with a reusable canvas bag. Perfect for essential snacks, the bag is constructed from an eco-friendly jute-cotton blend and a simple button closure.

Buy It: Urban Outfitters, $10

Silicone Food Savers

There's no need to mess around with plastic wrap or aluminum foil with these stretchable silicone covers in your kitchen arsenal. They stretch to twice their size to fit various containers and will return to their original shape once removed. Simply toss them in the dishwasher to wash them for next time.

Buy It: Amazon, $17.12 (Set of 5)

Smiling Squeeze Pouches

The only thing sweeter than a baby with a pouch of applesauce is when said pouch features a fun, feathered friend. Grab a set of reusable squeeze pouches for your toddler, and we guarantee the adorable owl will be a hit.

Buy It: Amazon, $9.99 (Set of 12)

Foldable Spork

Perfect for when you need a spoon or fork on the go, this lightweight and foldable utensil is easy to keep on hand. It even comes with an organic muslin carrying pouch.

Buy It: Urban Outfitters, $13

10-Cup Water Pitcher

Made from BPA-free plastic with a bamboo handle, this shatterproof pitcher gives a necessity a refined aesthetic. The pitcher filters and holds 80 ounces of water to reduce chlorine, mercury, copper, zinc and cadmium.

Buy It: Urban Outfitters, $40

Colorful Coffee Pods

If you're living behind a shroud of shame due to the alarming amount of plastic coffee pods you use daily — we've found a solution for you. Quit your dirty habit cold turkey by shopping a set of these cute, colorful coffee pods. We're obsessed with the vibrant hues, eco-friendly design and the way they save us money.

Buy It: Amazon, $10.95 (Set of 8)

Dishwasher-Safe Snack Bags

These whimsical baggies make school or work lunches way more fun. Grab a few in every print, and take advantage of the name tag to keep track while packing snacks. The best part? Two words: Dishwasher safe.

Buy It: Amazon, $7.99

Gingham Grocery Tote

Yes, this gorgeous tote is meant for grabbing groceries, but we're not here to limit your imagination. Use the trendy tote to haul office supplies, carry baby essentials or store your cold-weather accessories once you reach your cubicle.

Buy It: Amazon, $12

Stainless Steel Straws

These chic, stainless steel straws sit at the top of our list for when you want to go green and help the environment. Snag a set to enjoy all pinot noir and peppermint mochas your little heart can handle, without feeling weighed down with guilt over using single-use plastic straws.

Buy It: Amazon, $11.97 (Set of 8)