These Clever Gadgets From Amazon Are the Solutions to Hard-to-Clean Spots

Who knew a magnet could be such a game-changer for cleaning?

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March 25, 2019

Photo By: Clara MacLellan

Photo By: Clara MacLellan

Photo By: Clara MacLellan

Photo By: Jennie Andrews

Photo By: Clara MacLellan

Photo By: Jennie Andrews

Photo By: Jennie Andrews

Cleaning Slime

This slime is not a toy. It's a legitimately useful (and fun!) cleaning tool. The non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning slime picks up dirt and grime, reaching nooks and crannies a regular dust cloth won't. Use it on keyboards, camera gear, speakers, drawers, kitchen appliances, air vents and more. After picking up dirt, simply knead the slime into itself before cleaning another surface area. The slime absorbs the mess and can be used repeatedly. Replace the slime once it turns a green color indicated by a small swatch on the packaging.

Buy It: Amazon, $11.49

Magnetic Glass Scrubber

Can't reach the bottom of your wine carafe? Clean hard-to-reach parts of glasses, vases and other awkwardly-shaped containers with this genius magnetic scrubber tool from Cuisipro. Just add soap and water to the container, drop the smaller magnet inside, line up the larger magnet on the exterior and start scrubbing.

Buy It: Amazon, $7.52

Handheld Duster for Window Blinds

Blinds can collect a lot of dust, but it often seems that using a traditional duster to clean blinds results in more dust particles in the air than on the duster. Dust blinds faster and more effectively with this clever handheld blind duster. The microfiber cloth covering is removable so you can easily wash in the washing machine between uses.

Buy It: Amazon, $7.95

PhoneSoap Sanitizing Light for Your Phone

Do you bring your phone into the bathroom? Then keep reading. Your phone is one of the items you touch the most throughout the day, so it's important to keep it clean. Sure you can wipe it down with a cloth, but it's difficult to reach inside the small nooks and crannies. Keep PhoneSoap on your nightstand and let the UV light kill 99.99% of bacteria from all the crevices of your phone while it also charges it. PhoneSoap's light will automatically turn off after about 10 minutes when disinfection is complete, but it will keep charging your phone all night.

Buy It: Amazon, $59.95

Toothbrush Sanitizing Light

If you store your toothbrush on your bathroom vanity near your toilet, it probably has fecal matter on it - gross! Similar to PhoneSoap, this toothbrush sanitizer utilizes the power of a UV light to rid your toothbrush of 99.99% of bacteria. Simply stick the toothbrush head inside and turn on the light.

Buy It: Amazon, $39.95

The Glider Magnetic Window Cleaner

Having windows professionally cleaned can get pricey. Clean windows faster with this magnetic window cleaning tool that lets you clean the interior and exterior simultaneously and reach second-story exterior windows more easily, especially if you don't have a ladder. To use, spray the area with window cleaner, open the window slightly and align the two magnets, placing the one with the string attached on the exterior. If it hits a corner or detaches, the string will prevent it from falling to the ground. Available in three magnet strengths, it's important to buy the appropriate strength based on if you'll be cleaning single- or double-glazed windows. The magnets are very strong, so be careful not to catch your fingers and keep out of reach of children.

Buy It: Amazon, $48.29

Drain Weasel

Drains can be hard to clean well, so a drain snake or drain weasel like FlexiSnake will help reach all the gross hair and gunk that has accumulated in the bathtub or sink drain. This pack comes with one rotating handle and five micro-hook refill wands.

Buy It: Amazon, $12.67