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1928 Waterfront Tudor Mansion on Long Island’s Gold Coast

This grand estate is reminiscent of the homes in The Great Gatsby, and it’s in the same neighborhood too. This architectural wonder is full of opulent Georgian furnishings, handcrafted woodwork, plastered ceilings and European marble. The compound includes a carriage house with a two-bedroom apartment, horse stables, a greenhouse, a pool, a tennis court and enough garage space for 15 cars.

Red Brick Tudor Mansion Exterior

The Charles Porter Wilson Estate was built in 1928 to be the residence of the former Chairman of A&P Supermarkets. Designed by Charles Hart, the grand Tudor-style mansion includes all the luxuries: six marble fireplaces, walnut paneled walls throughout, numerous bedrooms, a 40-foot salon, two elevators and a music room, and that's just for starters.

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Traditional Foyer With Arched Wood Doorway

The foyer has the traditional rustic grandeur of a noble hunting lodge with dark wood beams and a stone floor. The smaller entry opens up into a bigger, grander space with a staircase and high, soaring ceiling.

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Traditional Living Room With Plaster Ceiling

This large living room could be a picture out of a Dickens novel. The ceiling is a stunner, made of European plaster and decorated with detailed carvings. The grand space supports numerous seating arrangements. And there's a marble fireplace (one of the home's six total).

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Brown Traditional Sitting Room With Red Chairs

This incredible sitting room features paneled walls embellished with intricate carvings, especially above the fireplace. Handsome reds and curtains in gold plaid bring out the wood's warm, rich tones.

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