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Beautiful New Orleans French Quarter Townhouse

This beautiful, three-story New Orleans family home features second-floor balconies, a classic arched transom and symmetrical shutters. Inside, the home is filled with transitional and contemporary style, from the elegant spa bath to the wallpapered dining room.

New Orleans Townhouse With Traditional French Quarter Style

Built in the early 19th century, this three-story family home features block-wide second-floor balconies, two brick chimneys and three sweet dormers. A classic arched transom and symmetrical shutters boost its classic regional curb appeal.

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Transitional French Quarter Kitchen With Traditional Style and Contemporary Details

Blending classic elements like its custom cabinetry's intricate moldings, more contemporary pieces like its gleaming chrome-and-glass chandelier, and vivid regional touches like the sculptures above the stove and the woven cafe stools at the island, this kitchen both honors its 19th-century past and feels chic for a modern family.

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Contemporary New Orleans Sitting Room With Vivid Teal Wallpaper

There's no mistaking the setting of this vivid sitting room: from a dramatic neon installation to the iconic Blue Dogs in a painting on the wall, it's all about the French Quarter. A bold blue-and-gold color scheme infuses the space with personality.

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Colorful Contemporary Living Room With Vivid Art and Armchairs

This New Orleans townhouse is full of color, from its dusky blush drapes and wall-spanning art to the lipstick-red tufted armchairs arranged before its area rug and coffee table. A barely-there shade of blue draws attention to the room's handsome crown molding.

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