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Magical Countryside Property Located on 160 Acres in New York

This remarkable estate features several living quarters, including the main house, originally constructed in the 1700s, and a converted barn where the former horse stalls are now living spaces. Outside, there are sitting areas to enjoy the stream, waterfall and fields with riding and walking trails.

Historic Farm and Gravel Driveway

The 18th-century farm is located in rural New York and has 160 acres all its own. There are three miles of riding and walking trails, a stream, a waterfall, wonderful gardens and a pool. And the main house and barns have nine bedrooms between them.

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Gravel Courtyard With White Barns

This pastoral gravel courtyard is surrounded by two guest suites and two delightful barns. In the mood for a walk? there are 160 acres to explore.

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Gravel Courtyard and Barn

Several barns have been converted to comfortable guest rooms and extra living areas. They open up to a gravel courtyard and 160 acres of countryside.

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Country Hall With Grandfather Clock

Built in the 1700s, the main house includes three bedrooms, four full bathrooms, fireplaces in both the living and dining rooms and many of the personality-rich original details.

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