Tips for Brightening an Entryway

Follow these 5 simple steps to making your foyer truly inviting.


To transform a dull entryway into something warm and welcoming, paint it with vertical yellow stripes and add a half-table, photos and plants. Tone-on-tone vertical stripes create the illusion of a taller ceiling, and you can use different colors for the stripes or different sheens of paint in the same color. Using different colors creates a more old-fashioned look, while adding sheen provides a contemporary feel.

Here's the plan for your foyer makeover:

  1. Yellow can be a tricky color, so look at the darkest shade on a paint strip to determine what the undertones are and find the one you like. Then move up the strip to the lighter colors until you find the intensity you want.

  2. To avoid getting stuck with two stripes of the same color side by side, measure the wall and determine the width of your stripe. Divide the total number of inches by the stripe width. The number you get should be even rather than odd, since an odd number of stripes will have the mentioned undesirable effect. Play with the width of the stripe measurement until it can be divided into the total wall space an even number of times.

  3. Apply a base coat with a roller with at least a 3/8-inch nap. With a heavily textured wall, a full inch is better. Create the stripe color by lightening or darkening the base-coat color with acrylic paints, and use a sponge or a rag to apply it. Apply in a circular motion for a soft, faux effect.

  4. Attach the back side of a half-table to the wall with L-brackets and drill nine equidistant holes in a grid pattern for holding vials for flowers. Drill with a bit that's a little smaller than the vials, since it's easy to make the holes a little larger if necessary. Once the vials have been inserted into the holes, fill them with water by using a newspaper funnel. You can decorate the table with inexpensive, colorful nail polish that comes with its own brush.

  5. Hang pictures and place plants in the corners of the foyer.

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