Home-Office Makeover

A sophisticated redo calls a truce to a desk duel.
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Before: Dueling Desks

The mismatched desks, lack of storage space and bland color choices in this office are clear signs that the homeowners who share the space have lost their creative touch.

After: Work Spaces That Work Together

For the makeover, vertical storage is used on each side of the room to make the most of the space. Floor-to-ceiling curtains on the window create the illusion of height. Bold new lanterns flank the window and, together with the lime-green stripe against the blue wall paint, add some architectural detail. And at left is a new art center.

Before: Stuffed Shelves

These jam-packed shelving units took up entirely too much space on this wall of the room.

After: Sleek Storage Space

A large chest of drawers partners with a wall-hanging unit to provide ample storage space. Additional storage pieces are located in a closet to the right (not pictured). A custom corkboard incorporates cork trivets and a frame that matches the rest of the room. New accessories, including a sleek spherical fountain, provide the finishing touches.

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