Crazy College Rooms: Decked-Out Dorms and Apartments

Host George Gray leads a quest to find the most decked-out college residences in the country in the HGTV special What's With That Crazy College Room? These are some of the most creative ones he found.

Automated Party Room

A Massachusetts Institute of Technology pupil wired his entire dorm room with strobe lights, laser lights and video displays, all controlled by his computer. There is also a live news feed and automatic blinds controlled by a joystick. And literally, with the push of one button, the lights go down, the music goes up and light show kicks on. Know someone with a wacky room? Upload your pics and show us.

Poker Den

If you're ever in Russellville, Ark., and looking for a poker game, head over to Arkansas Tech University and ask for Nathan Crain. He turned a plain dorm room you into a Las Vegas-style poker lounge. Everything is poker-themed – from the walls to the bed and even the bathroom – and he did it all for $1,000.

Royal Flush

No poker pad would be complete without a royal flush!

Yellow Book Room

When a student at Tufts University made the mistake of leaving his dorm room unlocked while he was away on vacation, a friend and several accomplices covered every inch of it with pages from 60 phone books.

Aloha Lounge

A Stanford University student transformed her average dorm room into a tropical paradise. Fully decked out with inflatable tropical birds and palm trees, and even a small bar, the whole thing cost just $500.

Time for Temple

A student at Governor's State University, just outside Chicago, has turned her room into an ancient temple ruin. That means $400 worth of fake vines and plants, handmade artifacts sculpted from craft-store foam and hand-painted cracks on the walls to give it a look of authenticity. This ancient ruin was two years in the making.

Indoor Beach Party

Two college students at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo found themselves commiserating over the fact that they never actually get to go to the nearby beach. So they brought the beach inside. They filled their garage with construction sand, put burlap mesh on the walls and threw in some beach chairs and even a fog machine to simulate a morning mist.

Jungle Room

This is the college dorm room of two guys at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls. The pair loves theme parks so much they decided to transform their 120-square-foot space into an Amazon jungle. They even have a theme park-style info sheet hanging near the front door. With more than 200 pieces of faux greenery, netting, a tent and a lot of duct tape, the room is true to form. The guys can even simulate a jungle storm with thunder and lightning mixed with jungle sounds that blast from surround-sound speakers. Oh, and there's an animatronic monkey, too.

Glow Room

It looks fairly normal to the naked eye, but switch off the lights at this Cal Poly San Luis Obispo party spot, and you've got the ultimate black-light room. The three guys who live in this apartment tricked it out with 10 black lights to light up their many posters, disco ball and anything else that will glow. They even "write" on the walls with transparent tape that is invisible by day but glows brightly in the dark.

The Space Waffle

Behold what is perhaps the most unusual dorm building in the country: Simmons Hall at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This wacky structure has been dubbed "the space waffle" by the students who live there. This dorm of the future was made from recycled materials, and each room is distinctively different from the next.

Dorm of the Future

This room at MIT's Simmons Hall has amorphous walls and 18 tiny windows.

Upside-Down Room

A college pupil at Brandeis University came home one day to find his room turned upside down, literally. It took 12 people more than nine days and 600 screws to put the ceiling on the floor and everything else on the ceiling – exactly as it was, only upside down.


When a group of college kids turned another student's dorm room upside down, they paid attention to every last detail, including the bed.

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