Vibrant Red Sofas

Adding a red sofa to your living room is a trendy way to add color and style to the room. Check out these photos of sofas to get ideas for your home.

Complementing Red

Create a fun living room with bright colors and patterns like designer Robin Callan did in this room. The bold red sofa complements the vibrant artwork.

Warmth and Vibrancy

The size and color of this sectional sofa bring warmth and vibrancy to this living room designed by Erinn Valencich.
From: Erinn Valencich

Velvet Comfort

The velvet sofa stands out in this transitional living room. The fabric-rich room designed by Shelly Riehl David is filled with extraordinary color and texture, making it an incredible space.
From: Shelly Riehl David

Powerful Red

The red sofa in this modern living room designed by Andreas Charalambous makes a powerful statement. The splash of red stands out against the simple, clean lines of the room.

Red Focal Point

The black accent wall makes the red sofa stand out in this room. As the only color source in the room, the sofa makes a great focal point.

Playful Red

The red fabric on these sofas adds a playful touch to this neutral space designed by Shelly Riehl David. The accents of white on the sofa trim and pillows are appealing to the eye.
From: Shelly Riehl David

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