Tuscan-Inspired Living Room

A family room is transported to Tuscany with a faux paint treatment and a custom-designed mural.

Before: Incomplete Design

The owners of this home painted their living room yellow in hopes that it would evoke a Tuscan feel, but their chosen shade wasn’t right for the space or the design. The brick fireplace doesn’t match the Tuscan theme either, and they needed some help finding the warm tone they’d originally sought.

After: Tuscan Inspiration

After the makeover, a classic Tuscan color palette of olive green, semolina yellow, sienna brown and Chianti red has transformed the room into a country getaway. A faux-distressed paint treatment is applied on the wall above the fireplace to give it an aged look, while the windows get deep green velvet drapes accented with iridescent sienna sheers. Wrought-iron accessories and furniture complete the Italian look. To get what you want out of colors, keep these tips in mind: When trying to decide on a palette, look to the things and places you love for inspiration. To bounce light around a room, use colors that have yellow in them. It draws natural light into a space and keeps it there. You can make any wall look like centuries-old plaster by layering paint.

Before: Too Bright Yellow

The wrong shade of the right color can throw off an entire design, which is what had happened in the living room. Accessories such as a glimmering gold mirror and an earthy jug convey an old Italian feel, but without the right color backdrop, the overall impression of the room is far from Tuscany.

After: Perfect Color Palette

The back wall is painted olive green and gets a custom-painted Tuscany scene, while a unique painting of the couple's two boys gets its own custom frame. New sconces frame the mural, and faux-painted scrollwork hides the chords of the lights and adds a dramatic punch to the space.

Tiled Fireplace

With the addition of a wooden top and molding to the fireplace, the piece has been transported to Tuscany. Porcelain tiles hide the old brick, and to create the illusion of a massive stone fireplace that extends to the ceiling, a faux treatment has been applied to the surround and the wall above.

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