The Familial Hearth

A room with a traditional fireplace gives the space a timeless, classic look. Get inspiration from these photos to create a fireplace that will stand the test of time.

A Nod to English Tudor Style

Bracketed by simple, slender columns, the stately fireplace is ornamented with classic decorative carvings. The color and texture of the Portland stone mantel beautifully enhance the deeply defined lines and English Tudor arch. Photo by Ian Knepper.

Vintage Victorian

A combination of strong and solid materials makes this an outstanding masculine, Victorian-style fireplace. The floral ceramic tile and black engraved iron surround provide a level of detail that demands a closer attention. With a solid mahogany mantel, this is a distinctive period piece. Photo by Allan Engelhardt.

Fit For French Nobility

This Louis XV mantel with opposing carved conches across the frieze and chimney is easy to imagine in the home of French nobility. The symmetrical Pompadour curves add a touch of femininity and vivacity to the traditional stone fireplace, creating an imposing visual statement. Photo by Ian Knepper.

The Utilitarian Hearth

A rustic, primitive setting calls for a fireplace that fits in. It's a gloriously massive fireplace with enormous stone blocks on the outside and a brick hearth and firebox that conjures up a Dickensian workhouse. This is a sensible and functional fireplace that will take care of your every need. Photo by Justin Kern.

Flirtatious Flames

Wonderfully whimsical in an art deco style, the surround is carved from bath limestone. Two modest female figures do double-duty as fireplace jambs and droll adornments – curvaceous, smooth and enticing. This fireplace is a distinctive, undulating presence. Photo by Ian Knepper.

Fire for the Far North

Timo Newton-Syms designed this fireplace for his holiday log cabin in Lapland, Finland where generating heat is essential. This design borrows from traditional Finnish hearths – the raised square firebox and a surface area that retains heat. The rustic masonry and stone fireplace match the simplicity of the cabin. Photo by Timo Newton-Syms.

A Farmhouse Fireplace Reimagined

When his client downsized after their children left the "nest", designer Jerry Cox was tasked with reproducing a smaller version of the 100 year-old farmhouse mantel the client was leaving behind. The updated mahogany version with a stone tile insert retains the original farmhouse details – a paneled frieze that matches the jambs and Acanthus carved corbels. Photo by Jerry Cox.

Fossil Fuel

Strikingly elegant and adaptable to both traditional and contemporary homes, this design uses Portland Roach stone embedded with shells and fossils. It is uniquely simple with soft curves above and sharp, 90-degree angles bracketing the firebox. Photo by Ian Knepper.

Royal Inspiration

Stately and classically-inspired, the decorative frieze is finely carved and framed with pearl beading. The fluted jambs gracefully slope downward. They are topped by carved rosettes on either side of the frieze, adding movement to this masterpiece of Louis XVI design. Photo by Philippa Tarrant Floral Design.

Grandeur Epitomized

This stately marble fireplace is all about decorative adornment. Not quite touching the raised marble hearth, Acanthus carved corbels support a massive mantel that dominates the room with both girth and grandeur. Photo by Melody Saunders Brenna; Stirling StoneWorks.

Cabin Cozy

The impressive and immense traditional stone fireplace perfectly complements a log cabin. Located in the living room with its cathedral ceiling, the fireplace dominates the room, climbing high along the side wall. The firebox is bricked on the inside with a cast iron insert. Photo by

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