Luxurious Blue Living Room

A much-needed makeover results in a space that's both fun and formal.

Before: Lackluster Living

When discussing the makeover of their lackluster living room, Josephine said she wanted a pretty, formal room where she could have her friends over for tea, but her husband, John, wanted a fun room where he can entertain his guy friends. Our design team set out to find a color palette and furniture pieces that would appeal to both luxury-loving Josephine and fun-loving John.

After: Blue Beauty

The makeover incorporates a new layout with a micro-suede mustard-colored chair that’s a perfect contrast to the plum sofa that remains after some sectional pieces were removed. To enhance the old window treatments, warm green curtains with an earthy feel have been added. The walls have been painted a neutral blue, and a fun abstract rug brings all the colors of the room together.

Before: Too Beige

Brown carpet and beige walls made this an uninteresting space. John didn’t like the lack of creativity in the space, and Josephine refused to make the living room another game room, since the basement already served that purpose.

After: Hidden Treasures

Framed mirrors now hang over a console that doubles as a craps table and wine bar, and the space meets both Josephine’s need for a formal adult space and John’s need to have a little fun.

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