Living Room Style Guide

Check out these stunning living room design styles that range from modern to Old World, and find the one that best suits your lifestyle.
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November 25, 2014

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Clean and streamlined, modern style is characterized by a neutral color palette, strong geometric shapes and asymmetry. The most common features of a modern interior are white walls and neutral tone-on-tone color schemes. The words sleek, smooth and polished will come to mind when you think of this design style. Design by Emily Henderson


Contemporary living rooms feature softened, rounded lines and contain neutral elements with pops of bold color. Get the look by pulling in pieces of furniture with clean lines and slim silhouettes. A vibrant hue or geometric pattern can be brought into the design with accessories or a bold area rug.


A relaxed style that appeals to the senses, romantic design is characterized by femininity, a pastel color scheme and sheer, light fabrics. When outfitting a romantic living room, silk, chenille, matelasse and velvet are absolute musts for pillows or throws. Don't forget to add a little sparkle, too. Crystal, pearlized shell and silver accents will instantly romanticize any space. Design by Sarah Richardson


If you can't choose one style, go eclectic. It's a mixture of different styles and periods, but pulls the look together through a similar texture, finish, pattern or color. Most often, an eclectic space can be defined by its multitude of fabrics. Designer Steven Miller combines various finishes and textures to create this eclectically-styled living room that includes various accessories and design styles.


Originating in countries north of the Mediterranean Sea, this style pulls in colorful, Spanish-inspired details, from the ornate furniture to the textured walls. Mediterranean colors typically mirror those of the sea and sky, but can also include warm hues of yellow and lavender. Mosaic tiles, often seen in kitchen backsplashes or on the floor, are the most popular (and sought-after) features of Mediterranean interiors. 


Classic and comfortable, traditional design features furnishings that are consistent and familiar in style. It may not be an unexpected look, but it's timeless and can still look fresh and effortless for many years to come. Pull in a traditional color palette by balancing neutral tones with colorful hues. You can enhance these hues with metallics and warm woods to create an inviting interior, like this cozy living space. 


Asian style pulls in a variety of looks, including design elements from Japan, China, Vietnam and Thailand. Bamboo, tatami and silk fabrics make up these naturally feng shui spaces. Furnishings, although sparse, include low-profile chairs, sofas and tables often paired with seat cushions or pillows. Design by Jane Ellison


If you're looking for a perfect marriage of traditional and contemporary designs, then a transitional interior may be for you. In a transitional interior, furniture lines are sophisticated, simple and often feature either straight or rounded profiles. To keep the focus on the simplicity and sophistication of the room, designers will keep color palettes neutral and decor to an absolute minimum. Image courtesy of Decorating Den Interiors

Old World

In an Old World living room, distressed, textured and dark-stained surfaces are preferred over those that are polished and maintained. Upon entering an Old World interior, you're immediately drawn into the age and history that comes with that room. Each rough-hewn beam, archway and woven tapestry tells a story into the aged life of that Old World-styled home. Design by Lori Venners

Midcentury Modern

Midcentury modern style is characterized by simplicity and natural shapes. This era of design is most known for its mass-production of household objects, including the popular Eames chair and Howard Miller sunburst clock. Midcentury modern designs are often emphasized by ample windows, an open floor plan and the idea of bringing the outdoors in, like in this prime living space.


Cottage design is a colorful, comfortable look characterized by pastel, botanical palettes and painted furniture with weathered finishes. Living room furnishings often include iron and wicker chairs covered with stylish floral cushions. You don't have to say goodbye to your favorite pieces of furniture just because they've seen a little wear and tear; the aged surfaces will make them fit in beautifully within a cottage-style space.

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