Dress Up Your Design: Accessorize an Empty Dining Room

Each month, a lucky reader wins accessories from Etsy.com to complete a room. For March's winner, Alix, designer Claire Watkins selects the accessories and shares why she chose them to update this dining room.
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Plain Dining Room

Designer Claire Watkins chose to make over Alix's blue dining room. "Taking my cues from the mid-century modern buffet and the bold colors in the rug, I selected key accessories to finish up the space. A few things I considered in all my selections: scale, shape, color, texture and variety," says Watkins.

Cottage Blue Vintage Mirror

"Mirrors not only make spaces appear larger, they also reflect light making the space brighter. I knew right off I needed to incorporate a mirror into this room. Preferring impact over subtlety, I picked the biggest one I could find. Hang the mirror vertically over the center the buffet, allowing about five inches of space from the bottom of the mirror to the top of the buffet," says Watkins.

Kinda Dreamy Acrylic Sheet

Watkins suggests putting statement artwork on the opposite wall so the mirror will reflect it. She states, "I love stripes! The piece of art is big enough to hang out on its own on the wall opposite the buffet, and I like the long skinny shape. Incorporating all the colors in the rug and the colors on the wall, the shiny texture of the Plexiglas provides a little variety from all the wood in the room. Hang it in the center of the wall opposite the buffet with the top at about eye level."

Mid-Century Modern Chrome Lamp and Drum Shade

Since the dining room features clean lines, this lamp will help reflect a streamlined look. "The shiny silver adds a timeless glamor and dining rooms need glamor. Place the lamp and shade on the end of the buffet opposite the arched doorway," says Watkins.

Industrial Drawer with Brass Pull

"As much as I love glamour, I like interest, too. This antique drawer will look fabulous on top of the buffet. Line with plastic, like a heavy garbage bag cut to size to prevent dirt spillage, and pop in some plants. Wheat grass would be lovely. Not up for potted plants, grab a few low square vases and fill them with one color of peonies or roses. Anything orange is right on point. Place your creation at an angle on the arched doorway side of the buffet," states Watkins.

Organic Silk Handwoven Scarf

Pull in texture and color with a lightweight scarf in the colors of the rug and artwork to add more interest to the wood table. "Because the print is a small scale, it will enrich the elements already in the room without demanding too much attention. I use my own scarves on tables a lot; I don't think I've ever used a real runner," says Watkins.

Vintage Brass Candlesticks

"Atlanta decorator Phoebe Howard incorporates something brass into most of her rooms. Who am I to disagree! I like the variety of sizes, the classic material and clean lines. Plus, every dining room needs candles," states Watkins.

Dark Blue Beeswax Tapers

White candles are boring so choose dark candles that add a richness to the atmosphere suggests Watkins.

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