Bold Den Makeover

Subtle animal prints and nature-inspired accessories transform a bland space.

Before: Blah Beige

Sam and Andrea’s den can be summed up in one word: boring. Sam likes his TV big and his simple furniture, but Andrea wants to spice things up with leopard prints and fake plants. Our design team set out to balance bold with flashy, creating a scheme that would appeal to both. Surrounded by muted colors, the accent wall in this living room is lost.

After: Eclectic Accessories

After the makeover, the walls have been painted sage green, and the sofa is accented with brightly colored pillows. An entertainment center houses the large TV, shifting the focal point of the room to the seating area. The zebra-print ottoman meets Andrea’s need for spunky accessories.

Before: Uninviting Entrance

The entrance to this snoozer of a den was anything but inviting.

After: Nature-Inspired Arrival

The new carpet with green tones and clean lines satisfies Sam but also has an overall look of animal print that appeals to Andrea. The twig-covered lampshades and wood Venetian blinds add a natural look to the space.

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